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Game Of Thrones Episode 4

With so many storylines to wrap up and character arcs to complete, the final season of Game of Thrones was bound to make bold moves that not everyone agreed with. Such was the case on the latest episode of the fantasy drama, “The Last of the Starks,” which has fans sulking, stamping their feet, and setting the internet ablaze with criticism. Major spoilers ahead! The fourth episode of season 8 started out strong, picking up after the jaw-dropping victory over the Night King and his White Walker army at the Battle of Winterfell to show the survivors laughing, carousing, and commending one another for their bravery and strength.

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Daenerys made Gendry Lord of Storm’s End, Tormund guzzled down wine like it was going out of style, and the Lannister brothers goofed off playing a drinking game with Brienne of Tarth that eventually led to a steamy romance scene. Sadly, the merriment fizzled out as quickly as it came and “The Last of the Starks” ended up disappointing tons of die-hard Game of Thrones fans. “My heart is broken!” “Don’t touch me.” For starters, many kicked up a fuss over the increasingly strained dynamic between Daenerys and Jon Snow, who recently revealed to his lady love that he’s really her nephew and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne useful information.

Some felt that the tension between the two — Daenerys wants the Iron Throne more than anything and firmly requests Jon not tell anyone about his true parentage, while Jon doesn’t have any interest in ruling the Seven Kingdoms and tells Dany that he’ll always bend the knee to her — has become unbearable. One fan took to Twitter to write that it’s “annoying” that Jon is letting his love for Daenerys influence his decisions, while others said that the Dany-Jon conflict is “frustrating” because it seems a marriage between the two would resolve problems and allow them both to get what they desire.

Dany’s “recklessness” and Jon’s “naïveté” were also sore spots for some fans. Of course, that’s just the tip of the dragon’s wing of problems fans had. Viewers were heartbroken to see another one of Daenerys’ dragons plummet to his death — this time Rhaegal, shot down by Euron Greyjoy as Dany and her allied forces stormed King’s Landing. One fan wrote on Twitter that Rhaegal’s death was a “lazy” surprise, tweeting, “Like nobody saw the massive fleet of ships that everybody then saw immediately?

Nobody thought to scout when you know they have a massive fleet of ships?” Another said in response, “They’ve written themselves into a corner, and have gotten incredibly lazy/sloppy with the story. They could have easily killed Rhaegal [because] Dany saw the ships, and in her hubris went in charging not knowing about all the arrows. Simple change, much more plausible.”

Rhaegal’s gnarly demise wasn’t the only shocking death in the episode. As punishment for Daenerys not giving up her crusade for the Iron Throne, and to send her a message about what she’ll do if she doesn’t surrender, Cersei Lannister had the Mountain behead Dany’s loyal adviser Missandei, who had been taken prisoner when Euron and his Iron Fleet ambushed Dany’s ships. Unsurprisingly, Missandei’s murder sent shockwaves through social media, with many stating that she “deserved so much better” and others expressing distress over the fact that her lover Grey Worm is now living his worst nightmare.

The indignation didn’t stop there — more Thrones fans let it be known that they were disappointed over Jon sending his direwolf Ghost north of the Wall without even patting his head to say goodbye, Tyrion and Varys contemplating committing treason and considering withdrawing their support for Dany in favor of Jon after they learn who Jon truly is, and Jaime abandoning Brienne and heading for Cersei in King’s Landing shortly after the two knights shared several intimate evenings together.

All this anger and sadness over Season 8, Episode 4 of Game of Thrones has resulted in a grim consequence: the episode is currently the second-lowest-rated Thrones installment in history based on Rotten Tomatoes reviews. The episode stands at a 61 percent approval rating on the aggregator site, coming in only a few percentage points above the disturbing season 5 episode “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” which earned a score of 54 percent more information.

Game of Thrones has only two episodes remaining in its entire run, and it’s anyone’s guess how the show is going to bounce back from this perceived low point — especially now that Daenerys is on the brink, Team Targaryen is down two important members, Dany’s trusted advisers could turn their backs on her at any moment, and Jaime is plotting something big. For the sake of viewers’ wellbeing and in hopes that Thrones will go out on a high note, we have our fingers crossed that the upcoming episode doesn’t ruffle quite as many feathers as this one did.


Science of NFL Football

Whether it’s a lineman stuffing a running back or a safety colliding with a wide receiver, all NFL defenders have a single-minded goal–to stop the ball carrier. The object of making a tackle is you want to get the guy down and limit the amount of yards he’s able to gain, especially after contact. So you can win cash at online casinos to play real money and place the bet on your favorite football team.

When a tackle is performed correctly, it’s not just a thing of defensive beauty, it’s also an elegant depiction of Newton’s Third Law of Motion–sometimes called the “action-reaction” law. Newton’s Third Law says that each action or force has an equal and opposite reaction.

So if I were to push against a body, that body is going to push back against me with an equal and opposite force. An important part of Newton’s Third Law is the concept of momentum, which in football is the mass of a player, multiplied by his velocity, represented by the formula P equals MV. NFL players may not know the formula, but they’re keenly aware of the role momentum plays in tackling.

It’s very important to have some speed and momentum as you’re going in to make that tackle. The better you’re able to use that to your advantage, the better you’re able to make contact and get a guy down right away.

In every collision on the football field, Newton’s Third Law dictates that the total momentum between players must be the same before the collision as it is after the collision. This relationship is referred to as “Conservation of Momentum.” The Law of Conservation of Momentum says that the P, the momentum before the collision, is equal to P, the momentum after the collision. This law, represented by the formula P-before equals P-after (Pbefore=Pafter) can be illustrated with a simple toy called a “Newton’s Cradle.”

In this case, we have displaced an initial sphere and when we let it go, it has some momentum–it’s mass times velocity. When it impacts the next sphere that momentum is transferred through the middle three spheres and then passed onto the final sphere and so because it has the same mass, it will move away with the same velocity that the first sphere impacted the middle three spheres.

The interaction of balls on a Newton’s Cradle can help illustrate what’s known as an “elastic collision, defined as one in which there is no loss of kinetic energy, in the form of heat, sound waves or deformation of the object. On the football field, collisions are typically “inelastic collisions”–because kinetic energy is released, mostly in the form of compression between the players’ bodies and sound waves.

Inelastic collisions are the rule of the day. We see them all the time in football. That is the energy of motion of two runners after they collide, that energy is dissipated in deforming their bodies, that’s like a spring.

So some of the energy of motion went into that compression. You might have heard a loud snap from our pads, some of the energy of our collision was transferred to the energy in the air that you hear. While big hits look and sound spectacular, what’s most important in tackling is stopping the ball carrier’s forward progress. If your pads are underneath his and you are hitting on the upward slope, you direct the energy up and take him back, at the point of contact, hopefully, that’s where the ball stops, play ends.

Whether a tackle is successful or not, we can be certain that the same force is exerted on both players and the total momentum before and after the collision is the same. For that we have Newton’s Third Law to thank.


Mount and Blade Warband New Player Guide

Welcome to Mount and Blade. Here’s your stuff. You can read all if you feel like it. Now, here’s your first big decision: male or female. You think it’s just, “Oh, my avatar,” but no.

This is medieval times. Males are going to have a hell of a lot easier time in this game than females. Females are going to have to work to get faction up, to get friendships together. And no matter what, you’ll always have nobles who hate you because they’ll never abide by a woman. So if you want to be playing it easier, go for male. If you want it harder, go female.

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It’s going to take 10 times the work. But if you just become an impoverished noble, no problem. You’re already royal. You’re already in the nobility.

People are going to be okay with you being a king later in life. It’s just a load easier, so I go with noble for your first time. Same thing here: if you’re a Paige in court, you’re a higher status than a child. So, yeah, depending on how many hours you want to play, getting faction, doing missions, doing whatever, this is your choice.

Same thing here: if you’re a squire, you’re in a way higher status than if you’re a game poacher. So make it whatever you like. These will actually dictate more of your starting skills, so: crafting, or archery, and whatnot. I’m going to go with squires since, why not?

This has no matter. That’s just whatever your backstory is. So because I picked a noble, I`m going to have an ability to pick a banner. I normally choose this one because it’s the most bright and easy to see. I know it’s a [something], but I don’t really care. All right, so this is another interesting one.

Let’s play– no, not percentage. No, not that one either! Golly, where’s it?

No, not that one! There! No! There, whatever.

Okay, there’s my name. So what you’re going to want to do is– you’re thinking, “Oh, [something] leadership because I want a big army.” You’re not going to be able to afford an army off the bat, all right?

So the first 10 or 15 levels, or 10 levels at least, I want you just to focus on your personal combat ability. So my suggestion is to put it into strength. The reason for strength: it gives you more hit points, lets you hit harder, it will really be useful. If you want to get stuff like power strike, iron flesh, or power draw, which is super important if you want to get into bows and arrows…I would max out power strike. It’s going to make life a lot easier. I’m going to keep putting it into archery because that’s where I’m going to eventually move my weapons into.

All right, randomize. That doesn’t really matter. That’s fine. Okay, which one of these do you pick? Okay, I mean, this has nothing to do with your backstory or it won’t change anything in your game, okay?

All it’s going to do is change where you start. So in Swadia, you’re going to have nice, open areas. Most of it will be looters or forest bandits. Looters are huge and easy to take care of, and you can really level up your army quick, okay?

This is my choice. Vaegirs: you have to deal with and the, which is pretty bad when you’re starting. Khergits: you’ve got mounted bandits, which is, again, horrible to start.

You’re going to get [something] pretty bad. Nords: the same problem as above. It’s like Vaegirs. You pretty much have bandits. You have sea raiders and some looters.

Rhodoks: you’re going to be dealing with mountain bandits and it’s going to generally suck because of the terrain. It won’t make it so that your horse is very good. However, if you use the terrain to your advantage and you have a lot of shooters, Rhodoks can work really well. Sarranid: you’re going to be dealing in nice, open desert with mountain bandits.

Just do Swadia, and keep it easy. All right. So you’re going to go through the initial thing where it’ll say, “Oh, I’d like to be a rascal.” There’ll be a dude coming down right over here. Because you have a crossbow, you can kind of just chill. I want to at least get a shot or two on this guy before he makes it to me.

That’s kind of what I’m shooting for. And by using the bundle of sticks, I mean, we’re pretty much not going to get hit. What a scrub! Take your bows and arrows, bitch!

Oh, in the mouth! You love your nutsack- oh, sorry. Here’s the merchant. He’ll come out and say, “Hey, you doing okay?

I saw you.” He’ll give you a quest, and he’ll say, “Hey, why don’t you go find five guys.” Just do the quest. And you can say no, but just do the quest. It’s easy.

Another solid reason to start in [private] is right here: the first village is super duper close, and it’s Asgard. Not the Asgard as far as, like, Thor and stuff. But it’s still Asgard. We easily got our five guys, which sometimes works out and sometimes it doesn’t.

No problem. Roll back, go to your tavern. Let’s see what we got here. Oh, we’ve got some good, old-fashioned companions!

But I have no money, so I can’t afford them. Here you go. Yeah, very well. Let’s do some bandits.

Okay, so they should be right outside the walls. Go look at them and then go, “Hey, what the f?” All right, so you’re going to go ahead. I always suggest just charging the enemy because if you do this, your chances of you losing people is a lot higher.

So just be an active participant in your army’s life. Now you’re in the battlefield. You’ll see your guys are kind of slow. You’re on a mountain, but that’ll change as soon as you get a better army.

If you want to see where your enemy is, press the backspace button. That’ll bring up this menu. The red dots are them. The other dots are you. It tells you how many, like, wounded, routed, or dead. I use it just to track where the hell those guys are.

You’ll use it a lot more later on, but for right now, we just want to get out in front of our dudes since our dudes are pretty weak. I really don’t feel like recruiting more. If you’re not going to be able to hit anybody because you don’t have very good horse archery, just kind of chill. Whoa, whoa!

Took a big shot there! Whoa! I didn’t anticipate the damn stones coming out me that and. Okay, so we got to chill out just a bit. Again, just be careful, man, ’cause there’s some- oh, wow.

I hit ya. Yeah! Wow, that guy hit me good. Anyway, you’ve just got to be careful about guys throwing rocks in your face. Okay, so they’re going to tell you some stuff.

The main point they’re going to tell you is where their little hideout is. The hideout generally is right here. I wouldn’t suggest doing it quite yet. The reason I would not suggest doing it quite yet is you do not have enough levels on your guys, and your guys are going to die really fast.

So my suggestion would be going and finding some looters, okay? Look at that: ten looters. Looters don’t have range, except for rocks. Man, those rocks– those mess me up big time. But we’re not going to worry about that too much.

We’re going to make sure that we do a little better this time and stay out of range. So they’re way over there. Again, you can press backspace to see, but I can see them. Use the shift key to zoom in. Ah, man. Oh, god, come on!

Let’s be professional here! Yeah! I’m a professional, ooh wee!

Hahaha! Now, you have to make sure you scream really loudly when you kill me because otherwise, you don’t have any Viking core energy. Again, do not die because [something], they don’t have the last borders thing in some of the add ons.

They’ll have a thing where the player guy goes down, and there will be a final order. A final order can be, like, charge, okay? But in this one, you’re just going to freakin’ lose, so don’t go down.

Even if you’re on, like, low health, just run away. Retreat and come back later. Woo! Aw, yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Woo, look at the coming off that guy!

All right. Well, you can’t take any prisoners quite yet since we don’t have any prisoner management. So don’t hurt your brain. Oh, a little upgrade.

Nice! Rusty falcon: I’ll take that. It’s got a little less weaponry, which mean I have to get a little closer, but whoop-de-do. A helmet: I’ll take the helmet. 24 armor, yeah, I’ll take that. Nice upgrade.

And just take everything you can fit. I mean, even if it’s one, it’s worth it. Okay. So now we’re going to talk about upgrades. So in this case, you can- it’ll cost you money, but you can take these recruits, turn them into militia.

Militia are going to hit harder. They’re going to be a little better. As you can see, a recruit- you can press talk, and he’ll tell you all his stats, right? Basically garbage: 42, 7- okay. So now, if we were to say, “Let’s upgrade a couple guys to militia… you talk to them, they’ve got more strength, more hit points, better equipment. It’s a pretty good deal.

And we leveled up as well. Again, I’m going to continue to say I think it’s a good idea, initially, to kind of boost your strength to get your core combat skills up as high as you can. And since we are at 47 now, it’s probably not a bad idea, on our army’s not feeling too good, to at least take a day, chill out, and relax. So go ahead and just sell crap. There we go. See, even if it’s one denar, it’s better than nothing at this point.

You can sell to pretty much anybody. There’s no big deal one way or the other.

Online Casino

Becoming a Travel Blogger part 2

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If you want to have the five-star luxury stay, of course, go to South Beach and Miami Beach. There are fabulous hotels over there. But if you are on a budget or if you are with your family and a lot more people, and you want to control your expenses, there are lots of other cities in the Greater Miami area that are worth considering. For example, Fort Lauderdale. It’s a beautiful city.

You can find more affordable places there. There are other cities around too, like Hollywood. You can even look as far as Deerfield Beach, for example. I stay there once when I was going to Miami. It is far, but you get much more affordable rates over there, Plantation as well. You’re not on the coast.

You’re at more inland But you can get better deals. Now, for you to do this, you need to have a car, because everything in Miami is far. You’ll have to commute and public transport is not the greatest. So, keep that in mind. Dharmaraj Pillay – hello, Dharma, my brother, “irmao” He’s been on this channel for such a long time.

It’s so good to see you here again and asking me a question. “When are you coming to India?” Hopefully, soon, Dharma. It’s a country I’d really like to visit. Amode Issop: “How do you start vlogging about travel experiences?”

Well, I’d say just do it Don’t put mountains in front of you, just start. And that was my problem when I got started. I was always thinking that I was not good enough, that my editing was not good enough, so I kept delaying. I edited a lot of stuff actually that I never posted anywhere.

Today, looking back, I wish I had the courage back then to just post and just get started. Another thing, don’t hang yourself on cameras Don’t try to get the best camera out there. Don’t focus too much on that because you can do a lot of stuff with a cell phone. A lot of people don’t know, but some of the videos that I did in Russia, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg, my first videos in Moscow, I did with the iPhone 7. I got great results.

Nobody has ever complained about that camera work and it just works But I’ll say something, you need a microphone. If you use your phone, use a microphone. Gustavo Rivera, he asks “How do I travel and blog at the same time?” So, the secret, I’d say it’s not just travel, it’s not just fun all the time. You got to work, too, because, otherwise, it’s not sustainable.

So, you need to create a rhythm for you to travel and sometimes take some breaks, do some work. And this way, you keep going. If you just go, go, go, travel all the time every day in a different place, every day, a different attraction, you get tired, physically tired, and you’re gonna give up. So, you need to create a balance. Negocio Miami – He asks if I do it for my job, or if I do it just for fun. Both.

My video production skills led me to some job opportunities, so this is how I keep going. I never got paid to do any job here for this channel. I never got paid partnerships.

Hopefully, one day, I get there, and I’ll let you all know. So, in the meantime, I use YouTube to broadcast my work and what I’m capable of, and this way, I get some job opportunities. Fabio Frisoni, “Can I suggest a trip to Jordan, Petra in particular?” And Fabio wrote me both on Instagram and Twitter, so he really wants me to go to Jordan. I’d love to, Fabio, one day.

I heard that Petra is extremely beautiful. As I mentioned Twitter, let me answer two questions I got there. Actually on Twitter, I got so many questions, unrelated questions that are so funny. People asking my opinion on stock market, on football, unrelated stuff. So, what is related to this YouTube… Here you go.

Alexandre Moura: “Are you married?” Yes, I am. I’m married to Gordon, the Canadian-American who occasionally appears on my videos. He’s very, very shy. But little by little, I will try to film a little bit more of him. He doesn’t speak too much.

Now that we started traveling full time he’s appearing more and more. Look at him playing with the camera now. Come on, Gordon.


He likes to make jokes offline, so I started filming a little bit more of him. And one more question from Twitter, Carlos Rivadeneira he asks if it’s better to travel with expectations or just enjoy the moment. Absolutely, no expectations. Enjoy the moment. And I remember here, a philosopher.

I had philosophy classes at University and there was one philosopher that said something that was really important to me, and I never forgot. Heraclitus, he was a Greek philosopher, and he said something in lines of, “You got to expect the unexpected.” And that is so true, because if you arrive at a location full of expectations that it’s going to be amazing, everything is going to be perfect, you’re going to get disappointed. So, this is something I learned very early on It’s better to expect that you’re gonna have an interesting experience. You’re going to experience something totally different, then expecting that it’s going to be amazing and it’s going to be everything you dreamed about, because most of the times, it’s not.

This is something I bring to my travels and this is why I am rarely disappointed or unhappy and I enjoyed everywhere I go. It’s better to go with the flow because you never know what to expect and sometimes something that is totally unexpected ends up making everything worthwhile, and making a destination or your day totally different and totally worth it, and bringing unique memories that you’re gonna remember. Of course, have some plans but don’t expect everything to be perfect all the time. You know have plan A, plan B, plan C, and so on. And last set of questions, Facebook now. Elizabeth Smart, “Do you intend to go to Singapore?”

Yes. Actually, this is the next series starting here on the channel. I spent about a week or 10 days to Singapore. It was absolutely fantastic.

So, stay tuned. Next videos are in Singapore. Diécia Leocádio From the countries I’ve been which one I liked the most and where I’d live. It’s so good to see Diécia here ’cause she’s also been following the channel for such a long time, always leaving me questions, also always connecting on social media. So, thank you very much, Diécia. Good to see you here.

Thank you for the question. I love the United States, I love living there. I love the convenience for everything that’s why I’m still there.

Out of the countries I’ve been recently, two were very surprising. Singapore, you know, it’s an extremely beautiful country and very progressive. Everything works, but it is very expensive, so that would be the only problem living there. It is really expensive. In the other hand, Malaysia was a really good surprise. Everybody talks about Southeast Asia being cheap, especially Thailand, but Malaysia is actually cheaper than Thailand, and their internet there is unbelievable.

I thought I had fast internet in the United States. In Malaysia, it’s 10 times faster. A 15-16-minute video gets uploaded in Malaysia in like two, three minutes. In the United States, in my home, and I had fast internet over there, it used to take like 15 minutes. So, it is really interesting.

And they are all very tech-savvy. They are, you know, in the forefront of using technology over there. I love these things. Especially, in Kuala Lumpur, the capital they use the cell phone to make payments. There are more ways to use apps than we do in the United States, so it is a country that really intrigued me. I wouldn’t say that I’d live forever there, but maybe spend a few months here, a few months there, a few months in Brazil as well, of course.

So, yeah, I think this would be a great balance for me. Eduardo Luiz Gomes “Do you edit your videos yourself? They’re certainly the best I’ve seen on YouTube of this nature.” Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.

‘Cause it is really hard, you know, sometimes I see people saying that it takes them six, eight hours to edit a video It takes me three days. [laughs] So, I put a lot of effort editing this. And, yes, I edit everything myself. But also my background helped a lot because I worked on TV for such a long time. I learned how to edit before I started YouTube.

I learned in Final Cut Pro, today I edit in Premiere Pro. And it’s something I got better little by little, you know. It took me a long time to actually do something that I was proud of. And it’s a work in progress. I still don’t think I’m that great.

I know that I have a lot to improve. But little by little, you do research here, research there, and you practice a lot, and you can get better. Yes, I do everything by myself. It’s a lot of work because I have two channels. I have this one in English and I have an entire channel totally in Portuguese. But I love doing that, and I love editing as well.

Mario Mancilla – He wants to know what camera do I use. I don’t use one camera. I use various cameras for different scenarios and different situations. Gordon has one.

I have another. And this way we go. Now, for example, we’re doing this video with a Canon EOS R, this is now our main camera, but we only started using this camera this year. Before we use the Canon 5D, we still have the 5D. Sometimes Gordon goes with the EOS R, I go with a 5D, and we switch, or I also use the Osmo Pro that has a really nice gimbal. When you see those images that appear to be on a gimbal, they were shot with the Osmo Pro.

If you want to see how I use all this equipment, let me know in the comments, and maybe I can create a different video another day. But if you’re just getting started, don’t get intimidated with all this. Use your phone.

We use all this because we learned how to use over the years and it’s something that we enjoy, and videography became more than a hobby. Today it’s our work, it became necessary. But if you’re just getting started, you don’t need all that. Rita Pitanga asked me to include travels and activities for seniors. Rita, I think everything that I do can be done by seniors, too.

I think the secret is not to pack everything on the same day, because then you get tired. For example, in the videos that I did in London, I did a lot of things every day, and even I was exhausted in the end of the day. So, if you take, for example, don’t do Buckingham Palace and everything else, everything on the same day, do one thing in the morning, then you stop, have a nice lunch, relax, recharge your energies, and then in the afternoon, do another activity.

But don’t try to do everything that I show in the video, everything on the same day, because you are going to get tired. I see, for example, my sister and my mom, they travel together a lot. And my sister likes packing everything on the same day.

My mom gets exhausted, you know. I think it’s better to choose one or two activities, take a break, enjoy some wine. You’re going to enjoy the trip way more. And I got one more question here on Facebook that I thought was hilarious and I had to include because it’s from my dad. He asks what countries have I visited in Asia on this trip.

He’s totally losing track. He thinks that I’m going this and there and everywhere. Dad, no, just Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand so far.

That’s it. We’re not going crazy. We’re not going several places.

This is it. We’re taking it slowly. ‘Cause he’s normally used to see me going somewhere and coming back, and this time, it’s totally different.

And it’s so cool that he follows me on Facebook. So, yeah, this is it, dad, you can keep up with me. [laughs] Don’t worry, everything is great.

We’re having a great time. Lots of kisses for you and for mom, too, otherwise she’s gonna be jealous. This is one of the very few videos here on my channel really in real time because I’m still here in Bangkok as you see this. So, if you have tips, if you know somewhere that I absolutely need to go, let me know in the comments.

Also, let me know if you like this type of video, if you want to see more of this. Maybe in the future, I can do specific Q&As, you know, about the specific topics. I don’t know, just an idea, let me know. And if you have more questions, leave them in the comments below.

I’ll answer as many as I can. Again, thank you very much for visiting my channel. Thank you for spending time with me. And see you next week in Singapore.


Look at the size of this mirror here. Full body mirror here and another mirror over there. This is the biggest toilet I’ve ever seen. Even compared to business class. Gordon: Do you want to get one? Renata: Well, you know I love bags, right?

Don’t tease me. Gordon: Why don’t you get that bag? Don’t you like that bag, that colored?

Gaming PC


gamesThere are a lot of variations fo online games in the world and online gambling market grows every year. Let`s play some online games:

It’s harder on here. No!Listen to the beat! Is the music helping you?

Well, at certain oh. Well…. It was. No!

Dang it! Okay, hold on. So I have to wait until the perfect moment… Oh! This is hard!

It’s like Flappy Bird all over again. I’m almost at 20 attempts. I mean, I think I’m gonna set a record.I did it!Oh my One, two, three. Yes!

Okay, I did it. And boom… Wait  Aaaah, I was so close!

 Yes! Okay, hold on. Oh my god! Okay, hold on.

   Ah! Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh. I’m getting better.

I’m getting better and I got pretty far… on my 70th try. This game is so addictive. It’s so frustrating, but it’s so fun!

Why is this even fun though?  Huh…heeey! Oh, what’s happening? Oh my god! Oh my god!

 I got in the rocket. That game is awesome.Meh .

It’s so hard! I’m trying to jump over all these little hurdles. Focus. I need to focus.

Focus, focus. Aaah! I feel like this is gonna be very hard. I got overI got to the part that I wanted to get over, but I died.  Yes!

Yes! Yes!I’m so cool.I got over it!

I got over it.Oh! Oh! I got I got past it.

I got past it. Yeah. Mmm…mmm…Yes!

‘Kay, one…Come on. I’m out! I haven’t played this game in a while, so I’m kind of bad at it.Yes, I’m doin’ good.

I’ve played this before and I completed it. No! Dumba, dumba, dumba, babam! Dama, dama, dama, bam! Bam da bam bam! I don’t even get why people call this the impossible game.

Seriously, people  Guess the game is driving me crazy at some times. Oooh… I wanna live.  Oooh, no! How many attempts? 71, already!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes, I’m doing good.Yes! I cannot die now.Noooo!

Last one.I died. It’s really hard. Hoo, I made it! No, come on! Go, go, go.

 Yes!Oh, come on!How do you get past that?

Yes! No! How are you supposed to actually get past it? If it’s hard to go underneath… Oh, I did it.

I’m flying.I gotta really focus. I give up.

I can do this. I can do this. Ah! I’m trying to jump over these obstacles and not get killed, which is actually pretty hard.

Uh…uh…Space ship part. It’s one of those games where it feels so simple, yet it’s really hard. Uh… Oh no! No. I knew that was gonna happen. If only there were check points.

Oh my gosh! No! I’ve never gotten to that part. It’s a bit like Flappy Bird in a sense because you have to think on the spot.Ugh.

 This really helps with your thinking, if you think about it, ’cause of how much you have to use your brain.It feels like the game is mocking me because it keeps playing the same music each time I do this.This game is breaking my mind up.

Like, the best games are the ones that can make you feel emotion: Anger, sadness, defeat. At one point, happiness. But that was gone.I got this. No! I was doing so good.

Yay. No! No. No.Okay, rocket ship time.

Blast off! Oh yeah. Please… I feel so proud of myself.

No! 78%. Whoo!Not gonna give up. Winners don’t quit.

 Get it together, Jayka.Oh no! I just beat 78%. Okay… No!I lost again.

At 78%. No! That took forever.I got this.

I like that everything’s made out of shapes. I bet that’s why it’s called Geometry Dash. Here we go. Here we go. This is the hard part.

Naaaah, no! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!

Yes, come on. IWhat?! I jumped twice. Yes. I did it.IWhat?!

 I jumped up. I’ve already done 40 tries? You gotta be kidding me. Bam. Bam. Bam, bam, bam, bam.

Bam. Yes, bam. Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.I got 80%. Only that much more and then I would’ve beat it. I beat it!

I can beat this level and tell everyone.Space, space.Aw, I missed a coin. I think I got my high score! I haven’t beat my high score on my iPad though.

Online Casino

Online Gambling: Mobile Apps

I want to make myself far more available to my community. Actually, I need to make myself more available to my community. I have an obligation to people who are taking a course of mine to be able to book some time with me for some consultation. Consequently, I need an online casino games solution.

So I spent the entire weekend looking at online gambling tools for booking appointments. I thought that I would find one that I loved. I didn’t.

I looked at the whole whack of solutions. I think I went to 12 solutions in total and I found something wanting in each and every one of them. There was no one single perfect solution. I did finally come up with one that I am happy with, but not thrilled with, if that makes sense, because it turns out that all of these online gambling solution suffer from a little bit je na sais suck. They all have something that bothers me about them but they will do the job if you take some time.

So today, we’re going to take a look at choosing an online gambling scheduling solution on DottoTech. Now I was perhaps a little bit overly harsh because I spent the entire weekend trying to figure out this solution because I thought I would find an online gambling scheduling application that I loved. There are so many tools that I just really like out there that I really like the philosophy and the value, all of those sorts of things and I did not hit on one that was an absolute homerun.

I hit on one that I think is probably the best overall solution in my particular case, but they all left me wanting something more from them. So to kind of create a frame of reference, what do we need in an gambling online scheduling application? First and foremost, we need integration with our calendar. I use Google Calendar. You might use Outlook calendar but it has to integrate because if I create an appointment myself in my calendar, I want to make sure that that’s not available to somebody do double-book my time. That’s number one.

Number two is it would be nice if it was integrated into my website so I could create a form that people could fill in on my website that allows people to book with me without ever leaving my website. That’s number two. Number three is I would like them to be able to not just book an appointment but instead to book just a request for an appointment so that I can verify whether or not I’m available or not. Number four, I’d like it to be a reasonable price. And number five is it has to be, has to be, has to be robust.

It has to work every time and be reliable. So that was where my journey began. Now to give you a little more frame of reference, there were lots of different services out there that I dismissed fairly early on just because of the price. This one here, I love the name Schedulista.

How do you say it? It looks nice. They’ve got a great looking website but $20 a month for a single purpose and they always have less features available in their single user thing. Suddenly $240 a year, it seems to me to be a lot of money to spend for something.

Now if you are a person who is a salesperson or you’re booking dozens and dozens of meetings and it’s all cold calls and all booking meetings, if you live that sort of lifestyle or a business style, then spending more on an application might well be worth it. But I personally only need this occasionally as do I imagine the rest of you is. It’s not something that we use each and every day but it’s something that we use as a convenience from time to time. So consequently, committing to $240 a year or so for a service that is available elsewhere for less money, that seems to be a little bit excessive.

So the three that kind of came down as my finalists were, in no particular order: ScheduleOnce, which I looked at before on this channel. I quite like it. It’s a great product, very busy website, great product.

Number two is TimeTrade Online Gambling Scheduling, probably one of the bigger players in the space. The third one was I just really liked this application. It’s beautiful, simple. It’s called Calendly.

It’s a very nice service that some of my friends use and I’ve tested it in the past, quite like. Each one was missing something. They didn’t quite do everything for me so there was going to be a compromise no matter what. The problem with ScheduleOnce, as far as I was concerned, came down with the pricing. They have integration with almost everything, including InfusionSoft which is nice.

But the InfusionSoft integration came at a very steep price on top of the membership pricing. So we’re looking at kind of the basic service at $5 a month. It’s pretty reasonable. That’s a great price. But most people are going to want the premium at $10 a month.

Then we really look at it, the $20-a-month plan is really what’s required because here’s the thing: for the basic one, you get Google Calendar integration, which is great; you get booking with approval, which is great. That means that when somebody goes to schedule a booking with me, that I can verify it rather than making a straight-up booking. I love that and that’s available in the basic package. So the basic package—I don’t like how their site pops this stuff up—really works well from that perspective. But then they don’t allow automatic booking, Outlook Calendar integration costs extra and down here website integration costs extra. So it doesn’t quite do everything at $5 so we’ve got to go to the $9-a-month and that doesn’t still do the website integration.

So in order to have it on my website and not just have a link that takes them to their website, $20 a month. It’s getting a little bit rich. If they had the website integration or some way of doing it at the $5 a month or even the $10 a month, this one here would probably be the winner as far as I was concerned.

Online Casino

Becoming a Travel Blogger part 1


Online gambling in Singapore offer free slots games review and demo play. From the moment I started taking it seriously, uploading once a week, I grew from 3 to 30 in just a little bit more than a year. And for all of you who are there trying to do the same thing, I just want to encourage you because it is possible. At first you may think that it only happens to other people but, no, keep going. So, as this community grows, I feel it’s time for me to come here and share a little bit more about me, who am I, why am I doing all this, how do I do it.

And most importantly, thank you for coming back every week. I’m arriving here at the mall. Let’s go there.

There are so many nice malls in Bangkok. As a result of your support, late last year we made a crazy decision that we haven’t mentioned in the vlogs yet We left our home in Texas, packed everything and put on a storage. This is our garage.

It’s such a mess. I have to film, so that one day we can laugh. My dad came all the way from Brazil to help me. -Yeah.

-[laughs] To do this international move Look at Gordon. You’re tired? [laughs] Now the garage gets cleaned. At first, we committed to six months of travel and we chose our destinations based on the requests we’re getting. Here we are four months in, it’s been amazing, but it’s going by really fast.

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas, huh? Merry Christmas.

[laughs] Happy New Year! [music] Bye Brazil This is one of those things you see other people doing online and you think it’s never gonna be possible, but here we are. And our idea is not to rush, trying to go to as many countries as we can No, we want to experience cities and experience them well, so that I can create better video guides for you. We arrive in a city, and before I start filming, I walk around, experience the culture. Yay!

That’s me. So, when we start doing the vlogs, I can provide the best information. And from Peru to Thailand, there has already been a lot in between. We just spent two days in the U.S. organizing things, and then we flew to Tokyo.

Renata: A or B? A or B, what do you want? Beef No Tokyo vlogs, that was just a stopover, but one day we’ll be back Where we really spent time was Singapore and Malaysia. So, I use the community tab and social media to ask for your questions, and here I am to answer.

But let’s go inside because it’s too hot here outside now. Can I get, please, a Thai iced tea with milk? Thank you It’s a creamy milk-infused tea. Very sweet. And good, very good. So, I organized the questions here based on where they came from.

Let’s get started with YouTube, both my channels: English and Portuguese. Question from Mongo, “Which one would you say is your most memorable experience and why?” I thought a lot, you know, before responding to this, because every trip seems to be memorable. But there were a few situations that I think I’ll never forget. First one was in South Africa. I’ve been to South Africa three times and in two trips, I spent a month there.

And I got to connect with people, talk to them a lot, and hear their stories. And there was one person who sat next to me, and he told me stories about growing up in South Africa during the apartheid, and it’s one of those moments that really made me reflect about everything. And even today, sometimes when I think about this, I get emotional. So, this was something that was really… that touched me, you know, in a special way.

Another thing that I’d say that happened, and this was recently, it was in Singapore. We saw a festival called Thaipusam and it was really, really impressive to see the sacrifices that people do, you know. It’s coming up in one of the next vlogs.

That was mind-blowing. And I think I’ll also remember that for a long time. Carmen B. – “What’s your favorite place to go?” Hello, Carmen, it’s so good to see you here.

Carmen has been coming to this channel for such a long time, and it’s so great to see that you’re still here. Thank you for your question. So, my favorite place, I think you know, because you’ve seen several of my videos there: Brazil, right?

Especially Cabo Frio and Búzios, that region, because I grew up going there every summer or sometimes more than once or twice a year. So, this is something that is… That region is really, really special to me. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, recently I just went back there and shot a few videos. They’re listed right here in this playlist. Go take a look.

The beaches are amazing. And today, especially living abroad, I miss that region a lot. I think I’ll give a similar answer here to the next question from Julian Sorel. “Hello. You visited many different places around the world, but I’d like to know what is your favorite tourist place?”

Yeah, I’d say it’s also Cabo Frio, Búzios, that area because of the beaches. I miss it so much. I love the beaches there.

And it reminds me of childhood. So, that’s my favorite place. I may travel the world but, you know, going back home is always great. A question from Mirtes Bittencourt She asks how did I move to the United States and how did I start working with news reporting. I went to the United States in 2003 to do some extension courses and I studied in Los Angeles. After that, I got an opportunity to work there legally with a work visa and everything, so I took that opportunity.

But actually before this, I was already a news reporter in Brazil. I actually left a career on TV in Brazil to move to the United States. In Brazil, I was already working on several national networks. And when I moved to the United States, I became an international correspondent for another important network in Brazil. So, this is how I ended up there.

Now, the question in Portuguese from Moy Moses He’d like to know when I’m doing a coast-to-coast trip in the United States. Well, actually, I’ve done, you know, I’ve done from Texas to Las Vegas. There are videos about that one. I’ve done from Texas to Florida.

There are videos there, too. And I did a few trips also that I didn’t document from L.A. to Canada, from Texas to Toronto, from Texas to L.A. I’ve done all kinds of trips like this, but I believe what you want is probably like New York or Chicago all the way via Route 66 until California. You know, hopefully, one day, it’s really nice. I love doing road trips in United States. And it’s good to know that you like that, so I’ll put that on my list.

Sentar from Russia, “Western and eastern parts of Russia differ a lot. You have already seen the European part of our country, but there’s another Russia.” “So, do you plan to come back to Russia again to go east to feel all that difference by yourself?” Absolutely, Russia is really high on my list. And I’d say here, Russia is definitely a place a lot more foreigners should go because, you know… Don’t listen to the media.

And it’s awful for me to say that because I’m part of the media, I worked in the media for such a long time, but it’s not all true what people say, you know, we spent a lot of time in Russia. We had an unbelievable, amazing time in Russia. People are so friendly, so nice. We loved to see this European part of Russia. Now, we’re actually looking forward to seeing a different Russia.

It’s one of my dreams, sort of the Trans-Siberian rail route all the way ending up in a Vladivostok. I’d love to do that. I’ve already started planning. So, hopefully, in the next few months or maybe next year. But I definitely want to go back, and I feel there is a lot more to experience in Russia. And I also really love the feedback I’ve received from Russians.

I never expected Russians would come to my channel and enjoy my content. So, thank you very much for that as well. Question from That Person “What inspire your desire to travel and how do you afford it?” Well, I think my family has inspired me. My great-grandma was already traveling to Italy, in cruises, when… at a time that nobody was considering traveling.

And then my grandparents were always traveling within Brazil. So, I think my desire to travel comes from family and from seeing everyone traveling since at a very young age. Now, how can I afford it?

Well, I save money Some people spend their money in expensive clothes, expensive cars. I save my money. And also I don’t do this just for fun.

This is a job for me. I also work. I’m a freelance journalist.

So, I’m not all over just spending money, I’m also making money. I work on several projects here and there, so this is how I can afford. I started traveling the world to work about 15 years ago. So, I’ve been doing this actually way before having this channel. But I’d always go somewhere, come back home, go somewhere, come back home.

The difference now is that instead of doing this, I’m going from place to place. And actually I’m saving money because I don’t have to maintain my house without being there full-time. Kiko Caxias says that I’ve been helping a lot of people who study English, and asks if I can add subtitles in English to my videos.

Kiko and everybody else, all my videos have subtitles in English. If they’re not appearing to you, you need to activate them. All you got to do is come here if you’re on a desktop, come to the bottom, click on CC. This automatically activates subtitles.

Now it appears in English for me as English is my default language, but you could change that. You see this other icon here? Click on it, and I have all these languages.

English is manually done, but the others are autotranslations, so they’re not perfect, but you can have a pretty good idea. And if you’re on your cell phone, just click on the video, and then you see dot, dot, dot, click on captions, choose your language, and that’s it. Tiger Princess! “Renata, please visit Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.” Oh! “I love your perspective on these locations.”

All these places are high, high on my list, too. I actually spent once two months in German. It’s a country I love, really, really love. And, yeah, it’s good to know that you’re interested. I’ll try to go back as soon as I can.

Thank you. That’s good to know. Mikvas asks, “Any children?”

No, no children. Maybe one day. Duskbat Rabbit, “We always see Mr. Gordon with the camera, camera bag, and a very big tripod.

Does he like to share his pictures he takes online? All of the work that Gordon does is for this channel right here. He works a lot, every time you see him with this tripod, he’s doing time lapses, hyperlapses, all that, while I’m filming myself. So, this is a team effort for this channel. Reclaiming4Jesus says, “Hi, Renata, your videos are very good and informative.”

Thank you. “When are you coming to Jamaica?” Can you believe I’ve never been to the Caribbean? It is definitely a place I want to go.

You know, and it is so close, because I’m right there in Texas, but… Yeah, and Jamaica is high on my list as well. We’d love to go one day. Adrian Albuquerque, “In what position would you put Peru in relation to its other Latin American neighbors? Which do you think is better?” I don’t think you can compare countries like that because I think every country is special in its own way, and it has some peculiarities, and it has things that makes a country unique, you know.

This is why I love traveling as well. So, I think it’s a question that has no answer, at least in my opinion. Let’s go for a quick break. Look at the amount of options here to eat.

This food square is fantastic. Some grocery shopping. Quick and easy, so let’s go back to the questions. From a healthy tea to an unhealthy temptation here, ice cream.

Let’s get started with the Instagram questions. Paulo Perrucci: “What’s the biggest challenge while shooting?” In my case, that I’m constantly out shooting, that’s the real challenge, because you depend on factors that are out of your control. For example, if you’re on the street you depend on the weather, if it’s windy, if it’s rainy, it’s too hot and humid, all these affects the quality and the speed of your production.

You also need to pay attention at your equipment what are your battery levels, your memory cards . do you have enough space to do an attraction. Let’s say, if I’m just starting to shoot a different attraction. Do I have enough space in my memory cards? What are my battery levels?

Am I going to be able to finish what I started? So, you need to keep all that in mind. It is very different as compared to shooting something at home that you just put the camera on a tripod, and then you speak to your camera and everything is right there, manageable. It is harder to be outdoors which is something you need to plan for. Nucia Paula, she wants to know about where to stay in Miami.

I’m going to answer this question here because I get this question all the time. Thanks to my videos in Miami. This is what I have to say about Miami. You need to know what’s your budget and what’s the purpose of your trip because if you want to stay in Miami itself, South Beach or Miami Beach, it’s going to be very expensive. But at the same time, if you’re going to Miami not for the party, but if you want to go shopping, for example, it doesn’t make sense that you stay right there in the middle of the hustle and bustle because a lot of the outlet malls are located north of the city, so you need to take all that into consideration.

Gaming PC

How Not To Build A Gaming PC

– Hey guys, this is Austin. And today, I’m here with a brand new $500 gaming PC build except this one, well, these guys built it. While I was out of the office for a day, Ken and Jimmy took it upon themselves to get a little creative with the next PC build. – What do we want the PC to actually look like though?

– It definitely needs a window. We could easily do like a bloody hand print from the inside. You know, like a little saw trap or something? – Oh yeah.

– So where do you want us to start, a case first? Okay, so that’s like right in the front, so that’s easy enough. So I feel like if we, these are usually in the back corner. – Yeah, Jimmy knows like the layouts and stuff.

– This one has the exact same layout as the one in Michigan. – Look at this guy. – Are we going for full size like ATX or microATX or what? – I think we go for ATX and work back. – Okay, 49.99. – That’s cheap, and it got a window and look the slots.

– Oh, it’s got red accents. – Alright, if we wanted to do just straight up a 500 watt card or 500 watt power supply. – That’s hard to beat $18. – A cheap power supply like this might not be the craziest thing. – This looks really cheap, like the box looks really cheap. – It feels like a fireworks box.

– This looks marginally better. – Yeah okay, that one is $30. – $30, okay so we’ll put this. – [Austin] Questionably cheap power supply in hand, Ken and Jimmy moved on to making some more mistakes. – That Penny owned G 4400. – [Jimmy] Is only 55.

– Is only $55, so this motherboard costs $60. – [Jimmy] Which is cheap. – Which is pretty good online casino bonus sa.

– We’re still, I think we’re still under budget. – I think we’re doing pretty fine right now. So if we get this, let’s say right? – Yeah, is there a big difference between just a 1050 and a 1050TI?

This one’s only $93 bucks. – Yeah no, I think if we wanted to go super budget, that might not be the worst move. – So we penny crunched a little bit but we have a little bit more money to spend here. – Yeah, so we’re gonna look out for some SSDs which they’re actually reasonably priced. – [Austin] So naturally, the next place to go is the Halloween store because reasons. – I mean that looks like the best one.

‘Cause glow in the dark will probably not look good inside the area. – I think this is good, this one’s really fake looking. – This one, this is the one that we want. – If we get a little bit of fake blood and put it on that, it’ll look a lot better.

$10, so we’re good, this is $4, so we have a little bit of extra money to spend here. Is there like a little thing where we can get like some spiders or. – Oh, let’s get like fake, like fake spiders and stuff. $3 each, so how much money do we have left? – Like $13.

– So let’s get two. – So we just finished the Halloween decoration portion of this and I think we did pretty well. – Yeah, like so we walked out of there spending $23 so if my math is right, I think we have $4 leftover. – Yeah, so we’re actually under budget here so Austin, you should be pretty proud of us on this one.

– So we’ve been sitting in about three hours worth of traffic to come back to work but we got all of our stuff for our PC but we also got some Halloween stuff to help design this thing and make it our own. Like I’ve never actually done any case moding before and I think this is the nine-year-old arts and crafts version of what every other PC YouTuber does but I’m excited. (Jimmy laughs) (grooving hip hop beat) Alright, so Jimmy did a really awesome job putting all of the spider webs in here.

We got some not actual spiders but some really okay looking like classic spiders but they’ll do the job. – They’ll look good in the light. – Exactly, and now Jimmy is going to do the blood hand splatter on the glass for the inside of the case.

– So I’m gonna do a little bit of black just to. – Yeah, add texture to it. – Make it look like a scary movie. – That’s good. – Alright, so I’m gonna get my over-sized hand just nice and, I want to make sure there’s not a lot of black on there.

Just gonna do a real perfect, aw. – Do like a slide, like a taper off. – I don’t know if it’ll ruin it. – [Ken] Oh.

(laughs) – There we go. Oh my god, I’m so happy about this. (laughs) Oh my god, that actually looks really good.

So hopefully it dries well, I’m going to go wash this off my hands now because I don’t want it to dry on me. – We’ve got all the cable management out of the way, we’ve got our graphics thing sorted out, we got Windows installed, – We got webbed up. – We got even more webbed up.

– So now we’re gonna spin it around, get it all going, we’re gonna turn it on. – Get a load of this. – In its finished form.

Oh my god guys, we’ve been at this all day. Gotta say, I’m pretty stocked, this is awesome. – Ready, woo, oh my god. – I gotta see this. – Whoa, that looks.

(laughs) That is so sick, oh and you can see the little spider in there, that is so good, it’s so good. – We haven’t played any games yet and honestly it is 11:13, I don’t think we’re gonna play games tonight but we will try to come out tomorrow and reveal the whole thing to Austin and hopefully he’ll like it. – So I was gone on Friday and these guys took the lead on building the PC but from the little bits that I’ve heard so far, they may have gone a little bit over the top with it. – [Jimmy] There you go. – (laughs) Whoa, this is actually really cool. I was expecting this to be terrible, no offense.

This is actually really cool. – [Ken] Yeah, don’t worry, we thought it was going to be terrible too. – The cable management is sufficiently spooky, I’m already terrified. Alright, I gotta crack this open, let’s see what you guys got here.

– I also like the narrative too, like the hand. – Yeah, so basically the hand was trying to escape and then like punched out the front. – [Ken] Exactly, yeah. – Ah, have no idea where my graphics card is. – [Ken] It is a 560, an RX 560.

– A 560, okay? And some intel, what is this? A B250, is like a Pentium or something? – [Ken] Yeah, it’s a Pentium 4400 G 44.

– Okay, I’m pretty excited although what is this power supply? – [Ken] It is a not A+ and it was only $23. – That’s a no, don’t do that. Why would you buy a $23 power supply? – [Jimmy] Because it was 681 watts.

– No it’s not. (all laugh) – Our main goal was literally just to get this game running. I wish I had an audio, what’s going on? – [Jimmy] Yeah, so you would be able to hear them coming. – Alright, I’m just gonna die, that’s fine.

Oh, there it is. So if you guys want to catch more spooky PC builds with these guys, make sure to subscribe to the channel and if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to play some Outlast and probably die a bunch more.


Super Secret Levels in Video Games!

– [Narrator] Warning, the following video contains some major video game spoilers, as we take a look at some super secret levels in video games. Back in 1989, the Prince of Persia made it’s debut, and helped to spawn two other titles throughout the 90s. It’s a series that has seen our hero tackling warriors, rescuing princesses, and dying quite a lot, as we try to overcome the deadly and unforgiving traps. Roll forward to 2003, where Ubisoft rebooted the series with the sands of time, which hid away a secret level that any hardcore fan would adore; as by inputting the following button combinations, for Xbox, PS2 and PC up on the balcony at the very start of the game, would initiate the very first stage from the original title. (soft electronic music) Where, not only can you discover a secret sword, but you can also open up a special chamber where the entire development team are awaiting you.

(soft electronic music) When the RPG, Shining Force Two, arrived in 1993 thanks to Sonic! Software Planning, it followed the story of Bowie and a cast of allies that joined his party, throughout what is a mammoth and epic journey. (electronic music) It is, though, when the game has been completed and the credits are rolling, that you shouldn’t be so eager to turn off your console, as after the witch has revealed her true identity to you, two colored jewels rest upon the screen, a point indeed that most would actually switch off, but if you happen to wait here for three extra minutes, then you will be rewarded with a secret level, shaped as Sonic and an extra battle with Zeon awaits for one last bout against a whole cast of other enemies. (electronic music) After reaching the old town via the sewers in Dying Light, head in a Southerly direction to this rooftop, where a chimney happens to be sporting a small, sealed green warp pipe, and by jumping upon it, you can pop the cork and head down to what I think is the best Easter egg this game has to offer.

(electronic music) As, yes, you can take to a zombie-esque Super Mario Brothers level, complete with typical features, such as clouds, blue sky, green bushes, blocks, obstacles, zombie Goombas, and let’s not forget about that river of blood. Plus, there’s even a staircase leading to the flagpole, where fireworks top off what is such an awesome nod to the Nintendo’s classic series. (Mario music) (fireworks exploding) If you happen to take the level three route in Star Fox for the Super Nintendo, it is on the second stage of asteroids that tucks away a pretty neat secret, as roughly 30 seconds in on the right hand side of the screen, a huge gray asteroid approaches where by blasting it to smithereens helps to reveal a giant bird.

(futuristic music) And upon touching it will warp you out of the Lylat System and into another dimension. (techno music) Which is home to a warped, and rather nauseating background containing paper airplanes that oddly kill you and a giant slot machine for a boss. (electronic music) (electronic beeping) It is pretty easy to destroy, yet upon doing so, you will find yourself in an endless loop and stuck here for eternity.

(electronic music) Probably one of the most challenging tasks that awaits any gamer is acquiring the 180 emblems that are placed throughout Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and which includes each stage being completed with an A ranking. If you are successful after what I imagine is many hours of gameplay, then you are rewarded with a 3D mapped out version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog’s Green Hill zone level, complete with memorable and original music. (Sonic music) (rings chiming) It was back in March 2001 when Serious Sam, the First Encounter exploded onto the scene. A game filled with endless action against deadly and ghoulish creatures, set in Ancient Egypt and surrounded by many secrets.

Take the sacred yard for example, a secret level that was discovered via a hidden passage, found at the end of the stage named Luxor. But what exactly makes this level so interesting? Why is it even on the list? Well, it’s because rather than having to defeat a ton of enemies and seeing your body fly throughout the air countless times, there is actually a way to complete this secret stage without encountering one single enemy, and here’s exactly how to do it.

(fast futuristic music) (guns blasting) After reaching the planet of Fichina in Star Fox Zero, Rob will inform you that the Landmaster has been equipped with a new flying ability. When the mission has been dealt with, head back to Titania where you have the task of rescuing Peppy. But this time, as you do so, you’ll be able to spot that a giant wormhole has opened up towards the latter part of the level. By flying towards it, a secret cut scene will begin, and yeah, Pappy gets to undertake his own special secret mission, which is pretty funny since he becomes self-aware of the barrel roll maneuver. – All right, Peppy, good luck! – One ship, what an insult!

Ready the main canons, destroy that little pest! (space guns firing) – [Peppy] Barrel roll, barrel roll! – Gotcha! – [Peppy] Barrel roll, barrel roll!

– [Narrator] There are many reasons I could tell you exactly why Super Mario World is my favorite Super Nintendo game of all time, and in terms of this episode, it would of course be for it’s secrets. It’s full of them, and in every corner of the game. One of the best though, is the star road, that actually allows you to complete the game in under 14 levels. But it is what lurked at the end of it that was the most incredible part, as we could unlock the special world, a secret area filled with eight extra challenging additional levels. (coins chiming) (electronic sound effects) (footsteps) At the very beginning of Slender, the Arrival, head down the hill to Kate’s house, enter, and pick up the flashlight found on the side in the kitchen.

Then turn on the radio located in the small room at the end of the corridor. (classic music) Once that’s done, head back outside and past the main gate, but turning to the left in the process, where you should run towards a poster of Charlie Matheson Junior that is nailed to a tree. After seeing the poster, hit escape and restart the game again, and repeat these steps, to which this will happen.

(footsteps) (static) And yeah, that’s rather bizarre, but upon reentering once more, you will activate a rather creepy and secret level. (eerie music) (heavy breathing) So, I really hope you enjoyed the video and don’t forget you can always follow the channel on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and if you haven’t quite had enough of me for today, then here are several videos to watch which are all available on mobile devices. (footsteps)


The Story of Jensen: From Permabanned to Pro

As a result of this player’s history DDoS activity, abusive behavior and poor sportsmanship, the player behavior team has issued a lifetime ban on Jensen. His account has been perma banned and all future accounts will be permabanned on site. Jensen has consistently disregarded the letter and spirit of the Summoner’s Code. His disrespect for the rules of the game is unacceptable for any player, especially a high profile eSports competitor who has a regular opportunity to lead the community by example. Nikolaj Jensen has become of the West’s strongest Mid laners, and players for one of the league’s most iconic teams.

(Casting) But unlike some of his contemporaries the journey he took to get there was anything but standard. Jensen: But unfortunately we got disqualified as a team and a few members of the team, including me got banned due to toxic behavior. The former World of WarCraft arena enthusiast used the alias of Veigodx in his early League of Legends days.

Jensen became known for his solo queue play in Season 2, especially his 1v1 out plays. And helped found a roster called Team Solo Mebdi, which included players such as Nukeduck, YamatoCannon, and Rayt3ch. The team was set to compete in the qualifiers for the Season Three European Championship Series. It was the first split of the LCS in Europe and qualification was a big deal. Joe Miller: To earn a spot in the qualifying rounds the teams have had to battle their way through the online qualifiers all placed highly in those major tournaments throughout the preseason. Though competition had existed for European teams before Season 3, it was never like this.

This was a major opportunity. Unfortunately for Jensen it wasn’t an opportunity he would get. A competitive ruling from Riot Games banned him from competitive play indefinitely, and Team Solo Mebdi was disqualified from the competition. The Riot Games ruling said that Jensen had consistently disregarded the letter and spirit of the summoner’s code. His disrespect for the rules of the game is unacceptable for any player, especially a high profile eSports competitor who has a regular opportunity to lead the community by example. Riot said that Jensen had publicly and unapologetically admitted to engaging in a series of DDoS attacks against high elo players.

Jensen admitted to having threatened DDoS in an interview with in2LOL shortly afterwards. But said he never actually did it. Jensen: After that I felt really down. I definitely learned a lot about myself as a person. Not only was his Veigodx account banned, but all future accounts belonging to Jensen would be banned on site as well. It was a lifetime ban in all senses of the term.

This was a big departure from previous Riot bans where players like IWillDominate had been allowed a new start under a different alias, which Jensen was denied. Jensen’s future as a competitive player seemed done. Left without any real options Jensen found another way to leave his mark on the competitive scene. Though the exact date is unclear, Jensen became the coach of SK gaming. A fact that was discovered by fans of the competitive scene, though it was not formally announced at the time.

The initial ruling against Jensen had stated that he was ineligible to compete in the LCS and in any Riot affiliated League of Legends tournaments indefinitely. This suspension shall commence immediately. Whether coaching qualified as competition was unclear. In Korea however where worlds was to be held that year, coaching was already recognized and according to Riot that meant that Jensen was banned from being officially recognized as a coach despite the fact that he had already been part of SK staff if informally up to that point.

Their explanation he had been granted access to the EU LCS studio during Season Four as a team guest. Also, team guests would not be allowed for Worlds. But according to an AMA he did in October 2014, he had previously reached an agreement with Riot that allowed him to play the game without the ban on site provision. While he wasn’t allowed to compete, his new accounts would no longer be targeted as long as he maintained his behavior. Riot Games banned policy underwent a big change in late November 2014.

Instead of permanently banning players from competitive play and issuing ban on site orders, Riot instead changed those bans to indefinite bans meaning that they would be reviewable at a later date if players’ conduct on their new accounts was acceptable. Jensen was finally allowed to stream and his ban came up for review under the new policy, but according to riot he did not yet meet the criteria to be unbanned. Still riot said his case would be reviewable five weeks before the beginning of the LCS Summer Split. The team he would eventually join, Cloud 9 had a rollercoaster Spring Split in 2015. Hai, the team’s midlaner had long acted as the primary shot-caller. C9 managed a second-place finish in the Spring Playoffs.

(Casting) But Hai then step down from the active roster citing a wrist injury. The roster that had played together since April 2013 had made its first major move and Jensen was set to become the first of a second generation of Cloud 9 players. Jensen: After I got unbanned I was lucky enough to get picked up by Cloud 9.

I want the best for C9 and I’ll do everything I can to help support them get to where we’re supposed to be. (Casting) Although statistically Jensen had an above-average season, it became clear that Hai had been more than just the team’s mid laner. He was a key part of their shot calling and strategy the team sometimes seemed lost without him. Relegation became a real possibility and the team needed Hai back, but it wasn’t Jensen who would step aside, it was the jungler Meteos. Sneaky: I don’t think, I don’t know if Meteos, is like out.

But I think we’re trying this. The change didn’t instantly turn Cloud 9 around, but putting Hai in at the jungler position gave the team enough momentum to avoid the promotion tournaments. Jensen: Meteos is still a great jungler. They have a bit of a different style where Hai is much more supportive I would say.

But the major thing was like the shotcalling, but also Hai used to be a mid laner so he understands what I need and he can like help me much more and it’s easier for him to understand when you have to help me as well. After winning a tiebreaker against Team 8 they placed seventh in the regular season not playoff bound, but not facing down relegation. However C9 had earned enough championship points to make it to the North American Regional Gauntlet and there the team would finally find their stride. (Casting) Jensen was a key part of the team’s efforts as they reverse swept both Gravity Gaming and Team Impulse before winning three and one against Team Liquid. Jensen: Man I’m super happy right now, like I don’t even realize it myself I think, but I don’t know I’m just so happy right now.

Against all odds Cloud 9 had made it to worlds. Jensen’s first season with the team despite rocky team dynamics, showed flashes of brilliance. Hai: And I’m actually pretty surprised at how Jensen took the games, he was 0 – 2, like aight dudes we’re going in now, we’re gonna win.

I was like I can appreciate that so everyone had a very good mentaltiy for the 0 – 2. Think about that for a moment, in Jensen’s past he had grappled with controlling his emotions. By his own admission he had been a toxic player. Jensen: But I think I have a lot to improve on still so I think the main goal is to be good at good for Worlds for world so we’ll see. But during his rookie split one game away from elimination he chose a different path.

Jensen: We might start out a bit slow, but I think by the end of the season we will be one of the best if not the best team In NA He chose to cheer on his teammates and it had worked. Jensen had become the first permanently banned player to be redeemed. Hai: I think in the beginning of the season Jensen was a little nervous to play had a lot of big shoes to fill up basically and I don’t know how his team was there to help him up that much. At Worlds Cloud9 got off to a hot start in Group B with three straight wins. The next week they followed that up with three losses and then were eliminated in the tiebreaker by AHQ e-sports club. (Casting) The Gauntlet and Worlds may have been a Cinderella run for the team, but Spring 2016 broke up much of the original Cloud 9 roster.

Hai and Balls were moved to Cloud 9 Challenger. Meteos returned as jungler and Impact was added to the roster as the new top laner. 2016 saw Jensen settle into his role as C9 starting mid laner and changed his alias from Incarnation. He earned all pro team honors in the Spring Split and the team 5th – 6th in Spring Playoffs and second in Summer, earning another trip to the Gauntlet and yet another trip to Worlds. He also set a new record for kills in a single game (Casting) While Jensen’s behavior had been reformed his signature cockiness remains.

Jensen: Yeah I would say I would say I’m pretty cocky when it comes to the game, yeah. Thorin: And what is that based on then, just knowing you’re better? Thinking you’re better? Jensen: Yeah I would say I would say it’s a mix of both.

Going into Worlds 2016 Jensen expressed his intention to defeat Faker in lane on Twitter. A now notorious comment especially given the outcome. Jensen: If you want to prove yourself you have to beat Faker and that’s like one opportunity I get so that’s what I’m going to do. (Casting) The team ultimately went out in Quarterfinals that year, and while Jensen didn’t clap Faker he has shown continued improvement over his time in the NA LCS. He was neck and neck with Bjergsen in the Spring Split, and statistically the best NA LCS Mid laner in Summer. Ultimately Jensen showed us that redemption is possible.

Even for those who receive some of the harshest punishments that Riot Games has ever issued. Not only that, but his route to that success showed us that he may even have become a better player and teammate in the process. Thanks for watching if you want more great content be sure to hit that subscribe button.


A New Jersey bet on sports wagers pays off at Supreme Court

Back in this country: The Supreme Court has ruled that states have the power to legalize sports betting. The case came from New Jersey, a state that fought for years to legalize sports bets at casinos and race tracks. Brenda Flanagan of NJTV News has that background. DENNIS DRAZIN, Monmouth Park: My intention, unless somebody stops us, to be up and running in two weeks. If the legislation or the governor says slow down, I’m going to listen to them.

Dennis Drazin runs Monmouth Park, a racetrack that expanded its bar and lounge to accommodate sports wagering, betting New Jersey would win its decade-long court battle to overturn the south african online casino deposit with entropay on legalized sports betting in most states. Major League sports fought New Jersey all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which today ruled that ban is unconstitutional, a David vs. Goliath victory for the former legislator who filed Jersey’s lawsuit. RAYMOND LESNIAK, Former New Jersey State Senator: Fighting every step of the way, having no one believe that I could win, and now finally coming home with a victory, and the benefits to the state, it’s sweet, a sweet feeling. BRENDA FLANAGAN: The high court ruled 6-3 that states could not be forced to regulate sports betting at the same time they were barred from legalizing it.

Nevada was the only state that could offer a full slate of sports wagering options under the 1992 federal ban. Meanwhile, illegal sports betting flourished. But the Supreme Court ruling just created a whole new legal marketplace. RUMMY PANDIT, Executive Director, Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism: The illegal market is about — is estimated close to $150 billion.

Vegas last year, where this is legal, had about $250 million in revenues in sports wagering. So, we anticipate that we in Atlantic city, once it’s up and running, could be anywhere close to $150 million. BRENDA FLANAGAN: It’s tough to gauge economic impact because individual states must enact their own sports betting statutes. Six, including New Jersey, already have laws on the books; 13 others have introduced legislation. The NFL’s still playing defense on this issue, stating: “We intend to call on Congress again, this time to enact a core regulatory framework for legalized sports betting.

We also will work closely with our clubs to ensure that any state efforts that move forward in the meantime protect our fans and the integrity of our game.” Drazin says that, in two weeks, Monmouth park will start taking limited hand bets on future wagers, like the Super Bowl, perhaps, while New Jersey enacts a regulatory framework. DraftKings is maneuvering to offer a mobile online platform in New Jersey. Some analysts expect legalized sports betting here by July 4.


Pai Gow Strategy – A Casino Guide

Today we will explain the rules that most casinos follow to set their hands in Pai Gow But before we get to the strategy there’s one important thing you need to know. Never bet the bonus. That’s because the house edge on the bonus is huge compared to the main bet the rest of Pai Gow strategy has to do with how you set your hand if your hand is completely unconnected play your highest card in your five card hand and your second and third highest cards as your two card hand.

If you only have one pair Play the pair in your high hand and your two other highest cards in your low hand. Most of the tricky spots in Pai Gow are deciding whether to split two pairs. First think of all the pair’s as divided into three categories: Deuces through sixes are low seven through tens are medium and Jacks through aces are high based on those groups you should always split up two pair in the following spots.

if you have a pair of aces If you have two high pairs if you have one high pair and one medium pair. Unless you have an ace in your hand you should also split two pair if you have two medium pair or if you have one high pair and one low pair and finally unless you have an ace or a king you should always split two pairs if you have one medium pair and one low pair or too low pairs you should always play three of a kind in your high hand unless you have three aces then play a pair of aces in your high hand and ace high in your low hand. When you have a full house always play the pair in your two card hand and three of a kind in your high hand unless you also have a second pair in which case play the higher of the two pairs in your low hand. Always play straights and flushes in your high hand, unless you also have two pair then split them according to the rules we covered before. Always split quads into two pairs if you have four jacks or above. If you have four of a kind sixes or lower keep them together if you have four of a kind seven through tens only keep them together if you also have an ace.If you have five aces using the Joker always split them, unless you also have a pair of kings in which case play all five aces in your high hand  for more free casino strategy


Jeff Foxworthy Shows Jimmy How to Play His Card Game Relative Insanity

-I love meeting your wife. Finally, your beautiful wife, backstage. -Yes. Finally, you got to meet her. -I know.

You guys have been married — almost, right? -Next week, we’ll be — We got married 33 years ago in New York for $100. Went to City Hall. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -That’s great. First of all, congrats. What do you mean for a $100?

-Well, we decided to get — I won a comedy competition. And, so, the prize was to perform at Catch a Rising Star. -Oh, yeah. -So, she came up with me, and we said, “Heck, let’s get married.”

We went to City Hall, got a license. We were actually waiting in line to get married, and the girl in front of us, her water broke, like, right there on my shoes, and I got grossed out. [ Laughter ] As who — And I went on the street, and I started calling churches, and I’m like, “Could you marry us?” And the guy said, “Yeah.” I said, “How much?” He said, “300 bucks.”

I said, “We don’t have 300 bucks. Why is it $300?” He said, “Well, it’s $200 for the chapel, $100 for me. I said, “We don’t need the chapel. We’ll do it in the hall.”

[ Laughter ] And he laughed and he said, “I’m across the street from the garden at Central Park.” And, so, we went up there, and we met him, and for 100 bucks, he married us. We have one wedding photo, and it’s me and my wife, and there was a guy sweeping the park. [ Laughter ] -So, do you have the — -This is the photo.

Yeah, here it is. -What a beautiful photo. That’s fantastic. [ Cheers and applause ] This gorgeous wedding photo. [ Both laugh ] Oh, my gosh.

Congrats, again. -So, 33 years, we’re down to 3 bucks a year. -[ Laughs ] Yeah. Exactly, right? -It’s a good thing. -I also want to say happy birthday.

Right now, technically, it’s your birthday. -It is my birthday. -Hey, have a great one, man. [ Cheers and applause ] You’re working on your birthday. But you also, you keep your brain moving.

You keep — You’re always on the road. You’re still doing stand-up all over the place. -Love stand-up.

-Love that you do that. I love that you didn’t say, “Ah, I made enough money. I’m just gonna stop.”

You keep doing stuff. What are the things that you’re doing now? -Man, politics drive me crazy, because no matter which side it is, they just promise people more and more and more. And I’m thinking, “Hell, that’s not even what we need.

We need less of the stupid stuff.” [ Laughter ] -Yeah, you’re right. -I mean, if I was running for office, I would promise no more. Like, day one, no more picking up dog poop. [ Laughter ] -Just leave it.

-Just — I mean, we’re the top of the food chain. It’s embarrassing. [ Laughter ] But I don’t understand. Why would they want us to pick it up?

I mean, New York, you understand. But people, when you have a lawn, it’s fertilizer. -Yeah.

-Right? It makes grass grow. It’s not like a child’s gonna step in it. A kid hasn’t played in the yard since 1982. You know, so… [ Laughter and applause ] Which — Which is sad, because now there’s an entire generation that has no idea how to get dog poop off their shoe.

[ Laughter ] But now think about it. When we were growing up… -Yeah. -…you played outside every day.

-Of course. -Every day, somebody stepped in dog poop. -Yes, of course. -When it happened to you, you knew what to do about it. You would — You would go over, and you would scrape the biggest part off on the edge of the curb. -Yep, that’s right.

[ Laughter, cheers, applause ] -Then you would find a puddle, and you would swirl the bottom of your shoe around the puddle… [ Laughter ] …limp over to the nearest grass, do the brush stroke back and forth… [ Cheers and applause ] …Then you would find a little piece of stick… -A piece of stick. -…and you would sit down on the stairs, and you’d pick it out of the zigzag pattern on the bottom of the shoe. That’s what you did. -That’s exactly right.

-That’s exactly — -That’s what you did. -That’s exactly what you would do. That’s exactly what you would do. -Yes. -And pick it out of the Z’s — -Yeah. And then you would wear it — Yeah, you’d pick it out of the Z, then you’d wear the shoes to church the next day.

You know? So… [ Laughter ] -Jeff, I want to talk about this game. I love games. I love card games. This is super fun. We played it around the office today.

And it’s — it’s basically a set-up punch line. -That’s all it is. -But it’s great. And it’s about — it’s different family stuff.

-Well, Thanksgiving, I’m a giant family guy. We play games. We have like 30 relatives. Aunts, uncles, cousins. And, so, last year, the kids were playing “Cards Against Humanity,” which is a really funny game… -It’s a great game.

-…but filthy. -Some of the stuff, yeah. -Yeah, some of the stuff. And, so I was just saying to them, I said, “You can’t say this in front of your aunts and uncles and your grandmother.

Go downstairs.” And I thought, “Well, there’s got to be a way to do this where everybody could play. ‘Cause nothing’s funnier than hearing something, you know, kind of risqué from your grandmother or… You know. [ Laughter ] -There really isn’t.

-So, I wrote 400 punch lines. Just things that sounded funny. -Yeah. -No, no — Like, “I have mold in my crawl space.” You know?

I mean, that sounds funny. You don’t have to know what it means. -Yeah, of course. -And then I thought, “Okay, everybody has a family.

Everybody’s family is crazy.” So, I wrote 100 setups about relatives. And, so, it’s — You can learn the game in 10 seconds. You read a setup. -Yep.

-You have punch lines. The people throw down the punch line they think’s gonna get the biggest laugh. If you get it, you get a point. It’s that easy. -All right, let’s play a game right now. -Are you ready?

-Yeah. -All right, I’ll do — I’ll read the setup. -I take seven cards?

-Seven cards. -All right, great. Yeah. Okay.

-All right. You ready? -Yeah. -And you would have a table full of people throwing down punch lines. We just have two.

“Having no filter between her brain and her mouth, my aunt said to my sister…blank.” “Having no filter between her brain and her mouth, my aunt… -Well… “Well, at least Jesus loves you.” [ Laughter and applause ] Dude, it’s fantastic. You wanna do — -You wanna do another one? -We’ll do one more. Yeah.

Why not? -“I will never forget the day my mother looked at me and said…” [ Light laughter ] -“You were conceived in a car wash.” [ Laughter and applause ] Let’s do one more. -One more, one more.

-But I could play this all night. -That’s how easy it is. All right, here we go. -All right, yeah.

-Last one. “Right before we walked down the aisle, daddy leaned over to me and whispered…” [ Laughter ] -“I’m not wearing any underwear.” [ Laughter and applause ] Dude, Jeff Foxworthy, everybody!

“Relative Insanity” is now available online!


Betting strategies – Understanding dutching and variable dutching

So I slipped a comment into one of the videos last week about touching and that I had a touching strategy in that fired off a few comments, and I thought oh yeah. That’S fine because I’ll just link to the blog post in the video that I did in that and it turned out there’s been absolutely years since I’ve actually done one. I was pretty shocked and amazed actually how long had been since I last talked about about it, because the dutching calculator in vet angel is a really useful tool. It was introduced a long time ago, we’d first introduced in 2006 and went through several upgrades, but I don’t think I’ve really covered it very properly.

So that’s what I’m going to do in this video please like and comment on the video below that will allow me to produce better quality videos and more of them in the future. If you’re interested in learning to trade successfully in sports, then why not visit the potential Academy where we have more detailed videos, so touching is something you’re probably familiar with, and on a previous video I was talking about how the over rounds is basically shrunk and shrunk, And shrunk and shrunk to the point where it’s like negligible, it’s absolutely tiny and the great thing about vet angel is. We have a very advanced dutching calculator contained within it. It not only does touching, but it does other things and very clever things within that calculator.

Stuff that maybe you’re not aware of because I haven’t really covered it at all, and one of the benefits of the over round shrinking and shrinking as that dutching becomes a really really viable strategy. Now, if you’re not familiar with touching, basically traditionally, you woods will look at a very competitive horse, race and you’d sort of say well. Is the winner gon na win or not because if he’s gon na win I’ll back him and if he’s not gon na win I’ll lay him, but the advantage that you get with dutching is and I’ll save you the story of why it’s called touching. That can be for another video, but the advantage of dutching is that you can actually cover more than one selection within a market.

So, for example, you could have a ten runner race and you can actually say to it. Okay, I want to win thirty pound if any of those first four win. It’S it’s a powerful thing to do because, rather than having to pick the winner, you can just sort of say well, I think the winners going come out of this group of four or five horses and therefore you just say: okay, I’m going to place a bet That covers those four or five horses out of that field of ten and the great thing about what we did with dutching is traditionally what you would do is you’d place two bets or more within the market, and then you would get a variable return. So you’d say his mistake: fifty pounds. How much am I going to win if I cover all those three or four horses out of this twenty-eight run a competitive handicap basket or somewhere, and then it would basically throw back a potential return for you. But when we look to Dutch and we introduced the dutching tool back in 2006, believe it or not it’s twelve years old, although it’s changed a lot since the first introduction, because we introduced that version of dutching returning, so you have basically place about you’d say how Many selections you wanted to cover in the field and then it would return some money to you.

So the first thing that we did of many is we actually flipped that completely on its head and we sort of said well. How much do you want to win if any of those four or five go on to win that particular race see we completely turned it on its head, rather than you putting a stake down a fifty pound and then wondering what your return would be, because it Could be five, it could be ten, it could be twenty all dependent upon the price at which you choose to back in the market. We’Ve flipped it totally around and we said how much would you like to win if this happens and then Bettinger calculates the stake and then you decide if you want to place your bet, so it’s really simple: you go into the market. You click on you, the selections that you want.

You nominate that you want to say, win twenty pounds and then bet angel. Does the calculation for you new press, the place, bets button and away it goes now. You can actually automate Dutch capabilities, it’s not as quite as much as the Moneo tool, because the manual tool is designed to be very highly refined, but it is possible if you want to automate some element of dutching, that you can do that through the automation.

So check out the forum and the scripts that are available so the rules files that are available in the forum that will allow you to do that so yeah. The basic Dutch position was back these two, these three, these four runners and you’re gon na get some money back. We turned it totally on its head and said: how much would you like to win if this occurs?

Now, of course, you can do on racing. You can do it on football because you could say I want to back 1, nil, 1 or 2, 1, 1, 2, and but we’re not going to cover that position there and it works exactly the same way. You can say if any of these correct scores come in.

I want to win 20 quid and it’s in a competitive handicap in racing you could say if any of these four horses, when I want to win Tony quid, so you flip everything on its head effectively. You say this is how much I like to win, and this is what’s going to make this occur. That’S the essence of the way that we created the dutching tool within betangel, but it gets better because we then took it up another level.

I can’t remember when we did that, probably a year or two after we introduced the tool and you can actually nominate how much you want to win on each individual selection, and this was incredibly complex to do. And it took a lot of pain and effort and fiddling around with spreadsheets to work out how this was going to happen. So the great thing about the way that this works is, you can say.

Ok, I want to win 30 30 pounds 20 pounds if the any of the first 3 runners go on to win this race. However, I’m going to break even on the 4th I’m going to make 50 quid on the fifth and I want to lose 100. If the six runner comes in because that’s unlikely to happen, but that’s the loss that I’m prepared to take, so the variable dutching that we’ve got within the bet angel dutching calculator allows you to do that. So again, you could do it on football. You can say: well, I think they’re gon na win, so I’m gon na win 20 pounds if they win 1, nil.

2. 1. 3.

1. 2. Now or you know, you could decide. However, you want to mix that up, but if they end up drawing I’m willing to break even and if they lose, then you can cap your loss effectively with that as well. You can actually nominate for each individual selection what you’re willing to gain or lose, and you can even set it at a break-even as well, and so you can say it’s say: you’re looking a really competitive race and you think 5 horses have got a chance out Of 20, but only three of them have got a real chance.

You can basically say I want to win 50-pound on the front three and I’m willing to break even on the next two, because they’ve got and if they come on would be unexpected. But I want to cover them off on and make sure that I don’t lose money so yeah, it’s very, very flexible, there’s an awful lot that you can do with it. There are additional functions as well that I’m not going to explain specifically in this video because they almost sit in two different categories of strategy: they’re not considered sort of basic touching strategies. But if you want to understand exactly how to use the calculator, I’m going to do another video which will go alongside this one this week and I’ll include it at the end of this video that can link to it, which would just walk you through that particular Process going from basic touching to touching to a predefined profit target, to variable touching so I’ll include that at the end of this video and on a separate video but yeah check it out because it is very flexible and the big advantage you’ve got nowadays when you’re Done qing is that the book curve around is absolutely tiny when we invented the tour back in 2006, it was quite large, but the markets so efficient now that, rather than just betting on one thing, you can bet on a whole host of things and the over Round has effectively spread amongst the book on this selections that you bet. Basically, the amount of commission that you pay is spread across those runners as well, and it’s just a very, very efficient way of covering multiple selections. Getting a relatively high winrate and doing it in a very, very efficient manner, simply because the book percentage is so tiny, but anyway, what I suggest to do is far better you’ll, go to the dutching tab and then follow the instructions, that’s included in the other video.



How To Sign Up at a Casino

Step One: find the best online casinos in  Canada. There, you’ll find loads of reviews of legitimate online casinos that cater specifically to us awesome Canadians. Some casinos, like Beltway, are “instant play” – meaning you don’t need to install software on your computer to play them. Rather, you play completely online. To sign up for these types of casinos, click on the button on the homepage that says either “Sign Up”, “Open Account” or “Play Now.” The site will prompt you to create an account with a unique username, password, valid email address, personal and contact details and preferred language and currency. Then you’ll be asked to accept the Casino policy, but make sure to stay awake reading those Terms and Conditions before you do. Then hit the “Register” button and you have yourself an account! Congrats Now, depending on the casino, you can play for fun. Or if you want to hop right on the gravy train, you can place some bets! But, as they say, you need money to make money. So first things first: deposit money into your account. Click the Account tab or Bank button, and then the option to “make a deposit «that follows. You’ll be sent to a secure page, where you can safely choose and pay through your preferred payment option. Your account balance should adjust instantly. Online casinos that are not instant play require you to download their free software. To play these, click the “Download Software” or “Download Casino” button on the casino home page. Then click on the .exe file that appears at the bottom left of your browser and choose “run” when Windows prompts you if you want to run the file. Finally, hit the “install” button, sign into the software with your username and password and you’re good to go.

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Online Casino

Where To Play Bingo

While there are countless websites that allow visitors to play bingo, not all of them are created equally. Some online bingo sites load slowly while others simply don’t have a lot of options. If you enjoy playing bingo online, you will want to find a website that has all of the best features. Winning a large jackpot may make you feel good, however, making new friends and having a fun time will be even more important. The first thing that you should look for in a great online bingo website is the quality of its graphics. Vivid colors, animation and exciting backdrops will make you want to come back again and again.

Bingo players should also seek websites that give them access to a wide variety of games. Some days, you will want to wager a bet, but on others you might must want to play for fun. Even though you likely enjoy playing bingo virtually all of the time, you probably wouldn’t mind having the chance to sample other games. Online bingo websites that feature other games often attract the most visitors.

You can read reviews written by online bingo players in order to determine which websites are the best. Alternatively, you can browse bingo websites until you are able to find one that suits all of your needs. In the end, remember to have fun while you play. When you play bingo on the web, you have the option of talking to your online friends at any time. Whether bingo is a passion for you, or something that you partake in when you have a little free time, it is imperative that you play on a website that allows you to fully unwind. Look for a great bingo website and you will be able to enjoy your free time.

In both places it would become something of an institution for those cultures, but it would be the UK that would take bingo to the next level by developing far more places to play and ways of playing than the US itself. This is the home of the world’s online bingo revolution because there are more companies that serve up online bingo games in the UK than in any other nation in the world. While its history is well known, we can only guess at how bright bingo’s future will be.

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Online Casino

The gamblers fallacy

I have heard a lot of talk lately about the age old “Martingale Betting System”, mostly used in roulette, but designed for any bet that is close to a 50/50 proposition.

This is the one that says if you lose double your bet, and keep doubling it until you win…in theory and on the surface this looks like something that makes perfectly good sense, because eventually you are going to win. However there are two factors that are never mentioned when this system is recommended.

One is you probably don’t have enough money to do this and second is the table limit. We will discuss both of these a little later.

The system is based on the theory that if you lose four or five times in a row you have to win the next one, the only problem with that is that in a game of random returns the next roll of the dice or spin of the wheel, or draw of the cards has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the last. The dice, the ball and the cards have no memory, they do not know what has happened in the past and while the odds of losing a 50/50 proposition seven or eight times in a row starting out is well over 100 to 1, each of those individual losses is still only even money to win or lose.

This is the gamblers fallacy…thinking that just because you have won several times in a row you are going to lose the next, or just because you have lost several times in a row you are going to win the next. In a game of random returns anything is possible including long winning streaks or long losing streaks.

Also recognize that if you are doubling your bet when you lose, the amount of money that might take is probably a lot more than the average gambler would like to risk. Especially when doubling a $5 bet can get up to $640 after 7 losses in a row, which means the total risk amount at that point ($5 + $10 + $20 + $40 + $80 + $160 + $320 + $640) is well over $1000 to win $5. And if the table limit is $500 you can’t even make the $640 bet, so even if you win the $500 bet you are still $135 in the hole…all of this for a $5 bet. I think NOT!


Land-Based Casino

How To Start Your Own Casino In The U.K.?

With the increasing popularity for gambling, there are a staggering number of live casinos and online casinos available. People from all over the world can try their luck in becoming a millionaire. A few gamblers have taken the initiative to open their own gambling casinos. But opening one is not an easy task. A huge investment is involved. To run your own casino you should be having a gaming license which has been approved by your government. This license gives you the permission to run the free pokie games and take wagers and bets from gamblers. There are many casinos which are not licensed and thus are always short termed since they may close down without any warning.

You will be able to have a running lucrative gambling business and not get caught for money laundering if you have a licensed casino. A license also will help you get more players to your best poker since most people choose a legalized establishment. A license will also make it easier for you to be able to open accounts in the reputable banks for your casino banking transactions. To open a gaming facility in the UK you will require a license. There are three categories of license namely operating, personnel and premises and your business will need all three kinds. The Gambling Commission issues the Operating and personal licenses while premises licenses are issued by your local authority.

There are two kinds of personal licenses:

  1. a) Personal Management License – it is required by all individuals who occupy a specified management position.
  2. b) Personal Functional License – it is required by those persons who work within a casino as a staff under whom comes the dealer, the cashier, the pit boss etc.

There are two types of fee payable for operating licenses – an application fee and an annual fee payable within 30 days of time from the day your license has been issued.

You cannot start your gambling business until you have obtained all the required permissions.

Euro Lottery

Euro Lottery Online: 3 Ways To Play

One of the main reasons that people outside the member countries officially participated in the Euro lottery has become so interested in playing is down to the huge amount of cash jackpot lotto has the ability to overcome. For example, the jackpot is seen to rise to over £ 150 million, eclipsing and eclipsed many other lottery games, which on average will experience jackpots between 1 and 15 million euros.

I’m sure you’ll agree this is a significant difference between the size of jackpots and attentive and eager to take lottery players from around the world.

3 ways to play the lottery Euro

Due to the popularity of the Internet and players in the online world now who do not live in any of the countries participating in a special lottery officially can now claim their share prices and a series of games. This is due to the particular company or a reseller of tickets are based in this country or purchasing agents are no entries on behalf of their clients.

Individual tickets for the Euro Lottery entries

Players wishing to normal entry ticket lottery game one for the Euro you can buy from a couple of online merchants, a simple Google search of lottery tickets offer everything you need. The lottery is the oldest breed of Internet business and online commerce, which provide players with something physical that need to print the ticket purchased.

Team Play Euro Lottery

The Internet has seen the birth of a few large Lotto-systems and the ability to increase the chances of winning the elusive and rather large Euro Lotto jackpot is known for.

A relatively new company called Jackpot Store Ltd. has recently launched its new product I love my lotto they are the first multi-lottery system created in the world. What distinguishes them from other systems is available online that players with them to play the lottery Euro will also play some other major lottery draws.

Casino Business

Some Important Factors Behind Casino Business

For the people who want to enjoy the work as well as have fun casino business will be a great and profitable business for them. In this field you can enjoy a lot and simultaneously can make huge profit. There are two options if your want to start a casino business. Either you can set up your online casino business or you can opt for location real casino business. Both are equally profitable as gambling is becoming more and more appealing with new technological developments. There is huge range of options opening up in the field of gambling. As far as the online business is concerned you need to make an outright purchase of a casino on sale or you may be opting for a franchise. They help you a lot by providing various business plans and necessary tools for the operations.

Capital is the most important thing as far as the gambling business is concerned just like any other business. You have to arrange a sufficient amount of money to start the business and run it successfully with skill. Today gambling business is also as legal as any other profession. Just like other business you cannot expect to become a rich just overnight. You have keep patience and trust on your skill and determination, which can only bring you success than any other criteria that may be luck. You may not be a lucky person to start a business but you have to be well skilled and a good manager to have success in a long-term basis. Planning is also an important part of any business and gambling business is also not an exception. Location is also an important factor for spreading your business and making it profitable. The casino must be located at the proper place to attract people.

If you want to shine in your business then you can engage in the casino business which is really a very profitable one. The number of people who became engaged in this profession is increasing day by day and nobody can ignore the fact that this can give an immense potential just like any other business if some one take it very seriously. Some people say that the business of gambling is also dependent on luck just as the game playing. But it is also true that a huge number of people believe that hard work and determination can make this business a profitable one just like any other business option. Good skill can make a person equally profitable just like any other business or any other profession do.

While engage yourself in any such business in casino field you may also have lot of fun altogether. Due to the huge popularity of gambling for last 25 years, it has turned out to be an excellent business in recent times. Even in the recession period this business shows large amount revenue. Most of people now look gambling as a very prosperous business prospect than just a game playing or enjoyment. They take it as an option for their career. As many professional gamblers take gambling as a very lucrative way of earning money in the same way a number of people take this option as a profitable business option, which will definitely enhance their professional prospect. Numerous people are getting attracted to this business which is really a very attractive one. The rage is becoming higher and higher. While you are thinking to start a casino business it is better to go a proper market details and must have a good research. You need to obtain as much knowledge as you can to get a flourishing casino business.

Land-Based Casino

Land Based Casinos in New York

There is no need to introduce the famous state of the United States of America and that is New York. New York is famous all over the world. New York is one of the most popular and famous state of the United States of America. The population in New York surpasses more than 18,976,000. However, the state of New York is famous for many of its historical monuments. Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and many other monuments makes New York more famous. One more thing which adds to the popularity of New York is the casinos which are located in New York. There are many casinos in New York which turn out to be a point of attraction for many visitors in New York. There are many attractive and luxurious Land based casinos which entertain the visitors. New York is called as a hub for entertainment because any tourist who visits New York would get himself entertained by many ways. Anyone who is planning to visit New York would have many common places to visit. Different monuments and casinos are the main center of attraction for the visitors.

Land based casinos in New York attracts many gamblers who prefer to gamble their luck and win lots of money through gambling. These land based casinos would provide many services other than gambling. Services like stage shows, boxing matches and many such facilities are provided by the casinos of New York. There are many games for the gamblers who prefer to spend most of their time in gambling. Slot machine, black jack, poker and video poker are the games which the gamblers usually prefer to play in the casinos of New York. There are many rules and regulations which makes these games different from others. Casinos would also be responsible for the services like limousine ride or complimentary gifts or some kind of stay packages for its visitors.

Such casinos would also provide the VIP gamblers with special tables where these gamblers would have a chance to play with huge amount of money. In such tables there would be no limits for money. Gamblers could bid their luck with as much amount of money as they want. Such facilities are also provided to gamblers. There are also some facilities for the tourists who are new in case of gambling in casinos. The casinos would provide some type of demos to such players who are at the beginning stage. However, players below the age of 18 to 21 years are not allowed to gamble in casinos. However, the casinos would provide many games which would be suitable to the minors. Thus, the casino would take care of all the luxury of you and your family.

Therefore, visiting New York would be an experience which you would never forget. New York would provide you with different historical monuments so that you could visit them and get the knowledge about the history of New York. Thus New York would be a perfect place to enjoy your holidays.

Land-Based Casino

Gambling in the Casinos of Tunisia

Gambling is not particularly a favorite among the authorities in Tunisia. Nonetheless, play poker gambling is very much legal in Tunisia and tourist and gamblers find it a very contenting pastime in indulging in gambling games in the various casinos of Tunisia. While there are four casinos in Tunisia, they are widely spread across the terrain of the country. The casinos in Tunisia are largely restricted to the cities of djerba, hammamet and kantaoui. Djerba has the most lavish of all the casinos of Tunisia called the Grand Pacino. Hammamet plays home to two big casinos of Tunisia namely Grand Casino Yasmine and Casino la Medina. The other casino in Tunisia is in Kantaoui and is named Grand Casino Kantaoui located in Sousse.

Nonetheless each of these casinos offer state of the art facilities and bestow great pleasures upon their clientele. Not many are unhappy with any of the casinos that are on offer on the Tunisian gambling scene. The perks and comps are perfectly competent with the global standards. Each casino has over a hundred slot machines and tens of gambling tables that offer a potpourri of gambling games to be played. And in no respect is any casino in Tunisia lagging any bit from any of their global competitors. One of the main attractions of tourists to Tunisia is the casino gambling opportunities.

The only thing that perhaps works to the disadvantage of the Tunisian casinos you may think is the fact that the Tunisian casinos do not provide lodging facilities. But none the less lodging into any hotel near any casino in Tunisia is a matter of minutes. And all the hotels too are perfectly furnished with the entire wherewithal that are in. So if you think that the unavailability of lodging facilities at the casinos of Tunisia is a deterrent then as a gambling fan you would be making a big, fat mistake.

Online Casino

The Firts Online Casino In Philippines

The online casino is very much popular among the people for two prominent reasons (a) it is easy to play from anywhere and the second reason is (b) it is quite profitable to play and win.

The online casino games can be played by the players if he has the computer with the internet connection. It is very much popular among the players and it is very much easy to play by any one.

In the same way the online casino games have entered in the arena of the gambling in Philippines. The offline gambling is already made legalized in the casinos of Philippines.

And very recently Philippines had got her first online casino. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation have declared about the inauguration of the online casino in the country.

The player will get the chance to play the popular casino games like blackjack, roulette, slot machine games, and baccarat from their home. They will get the taste to play all these games in the comfort of their home.

The payments of the players will be given in the same system used in the other leading casinos. The players will get the chance to pay with the help of e Wallet, click2pay and by other credit cards. The players will get all security and safety in depositing and withdrawing of the money from the website account. All these are very safe and secure for the players.

The online games are all safe and easy for the players to play. And they are legal at the same time. They are made easy so that the players can get the chance to play and win in the games.

But the players must go through the details of the games, by understanding the rules and regulations of the game. The players must have all the knowledge about the games and then they must play in them.

The organizations in Philippine is offering the online casino games with the view that it will remain successful in attracting the players more and more in the games.