Super Secret Levels in Video Games!

– [Narrator] Warning, the following video contains some major video game spoilers, as we take a look at some super secret levels in video games. Back in 1989, the Prince of Persia made it’s debut, and helped to spawn two other titles throughout the 90s. It’s a series that has seen our hero tackling warriors, rescuing princesses, and dying quite a lot, as we try to overcome the deadly and unforgiving traps. Roll forward to 2003, where Ubisoft rebooted the series with the sands of time, which hid away a secret level that any hardcore fan would adore; as by inputting the following button combinations, for Xbox, PS2 and PC up on the balcony at the very start of the game, would initiate the very first stage from the original title. (soft electronic music) Where, not only can you discover a secret sword, but you can also open up a special chamber where the entire development team are awaiting you.

(soft electronic music) When the RPG, Shining Force Two, arrived in 1993 thanks to Sonic! Software Planning, it followed the story of Bowie and a cast of allies that joined his party, throughout what is a mammoth and epic journey. (electronic music) It is, though, when the game has been completed and the credits are rolling, that you shouldn’t be so eager to turn off your console, as after the witch has revealed her true identity to you, two colored jewels rest upon the screen, a point indeed that most would actually switch off, but if you happen to wait here for three extra minutes, then you will be rewarded with a secret level, shaped as Sonic and an extra battle with Zeon awaits for one last bout against a whole cast of other enemies. (electronic music) After reaching the old town via the sewers in Dying Light, head in a Southerly direction to this rooftop, where a chimney happens to be sporting a small, sealed green warp pipe, and by jumping upon it, you can pop the cork and head down to what I think is the best Easter egg this game has to offer.

(electronic music) As, yes, you can take to a zombie-esque Super Mario Brothers level, complete with typical features, such as clouds, blue sky, green bushes, blocks, obstacles, zombie Goombas, and let’s not forget about that river of blood. Plus, there’s even a staircase leading to the flagpole, where fireworks top off what is such an awesome nod to the Nintendo’s classic series. (Mario music) (fireworks exploding) If you happen to take the level three route in Star Fox for the Super Nintendo, it is on the second stage of asteroids that tucks away a pretty neat secret, as roughly 30 seconds in on the right hand side of the screen, a huge gray asteroid approaches where by blasting it to smithereens helps to reveal a giant bird.

(futuristic music) And upon touching it will warp you out of the Lylat System and into another dimension. (techno music) Which is home to a warped, and rather nauseating background containing paper airplanes that oddly kill you and a giant slot machine for a boss. (electronic music) (electronic beeping) It is pretty easy to destroy, yet upon doing so, you will find yourself in an endless loop and stuck here for eternity.

(electronic music) Probably one of the most challenging tasks that awaits any gamer is acquiring the 180 emblems that are placed throughout Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and which includes each stage being completed with an A ranking. If you are successful after what I imagine is many hours of gameplay, then you are rewarded with a 3D mapped out version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog’s Green Hill zone level, complete with memorable and original music. (Sonic music) (rings chiming) It was back in March 2001 when Serious Sam, the First Encounter exploded onto the scene. A game filled with endless action against deadly and ghoulish creatures, set in Ancient Egypt and surrounded by many secrets.

Take the sacred yard for example, a secret level that was discovered via a hidden passage, found at the end of the stage named Luxor. But what exactly makes this level so interesting? Why is it even on the list? Well, it’s because rather than having to defeat a ton of enemies and seeing your body fly throughout the air countless times, there is actually a way to complete this secret stage without encountering one single enemy, and here’s exactly how to do it.

(fast futuristic music) (guns blasting) After reaching the planet of Fichina in Star Fox Zero, Rob will inform you that the Landmaster has been equipped with a new flying ability. When the mission has been dealt with, head back to Titania where you have the task of rescuing Peppy. But this time, as you do so, you’ll be able to spot that a giant wormhole has opened up towards the latter part of the level. By flying towards it, a secret cut scene will begin, and yeah, Pappy gets to undertake his own special secret mission, which is pretty funny since he becomes self-aware of the barrel roll maneuver. – All right, Peppy, good luck! – One ship, what an insult!

Ready the main canons, destroy that little pest! (space guns firing) – [Peppy] Barrel roll, barrel roll! – Gotcha! – [Peppy] Barrel roll, barrel roll!

– [Narrator] There are many reasons I could tell you exactly why Super Mario World is my favorite Super Nintendo game of all time, and in terms of this episode, it would of course be for it’s secrets. It’s full of them, and in every corner of the game. One of the best though, is the star road, that actually allows you to complete the game in under 14 levels. But it is what lurked at the end of it that was the most incredible part, as we could unlock the special world, a secret area filled with eight extra challenging additional levels. (coins chiming) (electronic sound effects) (footsteps) At the very beginning of Slender, the Arrival, head down the hill to Kate’s house, enter, and pick up the flashlight found on the side in the kitchen.

Then turn on the radio located in the small room at the end of the corridor. (classic music) Once that’s done, head back outside and past the main gate, but turning to the left in the process, where you should run towards a poster of Charlie Matheson Junior that is nailed to a tree. After seeing the poster, hit escape and restart the game again, and repeat these steps, to which this will happen.

(footsteps) (static) And yeah, that’s rather bizarre, but upon reentering once more, you will activate a rather creepy and secret level. (eerie music) (heavy breathing) So, I really hope you enjoyed the video and don’t forget you can always follow the channel on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and if you haven’t quite had enough of me for today, then here are several videos to watch which are all available on mobile devices. (footsteps)


The Story of Jensen: From Permabanned to Pro

As a result of this player’s history DDoS activity, abusive behavior and poor sportsmanship, the player behavior team has issued a lifetime ban on Jensen. His account has been perma banned and all future accounts will be permabanned on site. Jensen has consistently disregarded the letter and spirit of the Summoner’s Code. His disrespect for the rules of the game is unacceptable for any player, especially a high profile eSports competitor who has a regular opportunity to lead the community by example. Nikolaj Jensen has become of the West’s strongest Mid laners, and players for one of the league’s most iconic teams.

(Casting) But unlike some of his contemporaries the journey he took to get there was anything but standard. Jensen: But unfortunately we got disqualified as a team and a few members of the team, including me got banned due to toxic behavior. The former World of WarCraft arena enthusiast used the alias of Veigodx in his early League of Legends days.

Jensen became known for his solo queue play in Season 2, especially his 1v1 out plays. And helped found a roster called Team Solo Mebdi, which included players such as Nukeduck, YamatoCannon, and Rayt3ch. The team was set to compete in the qualifiers for the Season Three European Championship Series. It was the first split of the LCS in Europe and qualification was a big deal. Joe Miller: To earn a spot in the qualifying rounds the teams have had to battle their way through the online qualifiers all placed highly in those major tournaments throughout the preseason. Though competition had existed for European teams before Season 3, it was never like this.

This was a major opportunity. Unfortunately for Jensen it wasn’t an opportunity he would get. A competitive ruling from Riot Games banned him from competitive play indefinitely, and Team Solo Mebdi was disqualified from the competition. The Riot Games ruling said that Jensen had consistently disregarded the letter and spirit of the summoner’s code. His disrespect for the rules of the game is unacceptable for any player, especially a high profile eSports competitor who has a regular opportunity to lead the community by example. Riot said that Jensen had publicly and unapologetically admitted to engaging in a series of DDoS attacks against high elo players.

Jensen admitted to having threatened DDoS in an interview with in2LOL shortly afterwards. But said he never actually did it. Jensen: After that I felt really down. I definitely learned a lot about myself as a person. Not only was his Veigodx account banned, but all future accounts belonging to Jensen would be banned on site as well. It was a lifetime ban in all senses of the term.

This was a big departure from previous Riot bans where players like IWillDominate had been allowed a new start under a different alias, which Jensen was denied. Jensen’s future as a competitive player seemed done. Left without any real options Jensen found another way to leave his mark on the competitive scene. Though the exact date is unclear, Jensen became the coach of SK gaming. A fact that was discovered by fans of the competitive scene, though it was not formally announced at the time.

The initial ruling against Jensen had stated that he was ineligible to compete in the LCS and in any Riot affiliated League of Legends tournaments indefinitely. This suspension shall commence immediately. Whether coaching qualified as competition was unclear. In Korea however where worlds was to be held that year, coaching was already recognized and according to Riot that meant that Jensen was banned from being officially recognized as a coach despite the fact that he had already been part of SK staff if informally up to that point.

Their explanation he had been granted access to the EU LCS studio during Season Four as a team guest. Also, team guests would not be allowed for Worlds. But according to an AMA he did in October 2014, he had previously reached an agreement with Riot that allowed him to play the game without the ban on site provision. While he wasn’t allowed to compete, his new accounts would no longer be targeted as long as he maintained his behavior. Riot Games banned policy underwent a big change in late November 2014.

Instead of permanently banning players from competitive play and issuing ban on site orders, Riot instead changed those bans to indefinite bans meaning that they would be reviewable at a later date if players’ conduct on their new accounts was acceptable. Jensen was finally allowed to stream and his ban came up for review under the new policy, but according to riot he did not yet meet the criteria to be unbanned. Still riot said his case would be reviewable five weeks before the beginning of the LCS Summer Split. The team he would eventually join, Cloud 9 had a rollercoaster Spring Split in 2015. Hai, the team’s midlaner had long acted as the primary shot-caller. C9 managed a second-place finish in the Spring Playoffs.

(Casting) But Hai then step down from the active roster citing a wrist injury. The roster that had played together since April 2013 had made its first major move and Jensen was set to become the first of a second generation of Cloud 9 players. Jensen: After I got unbanned I was lucky enough to get picked up by Cloud 9.

I want the best for C9 and I’ll do everything I can to help support them get to where we’re supposed to be. (Casting) Although statistically Jensen had an above-average season, it became clear that Hai had been more than just the team’s mid laner. He was a key part of their shot calling and strategy the team sometimes seemed lost without him. Relegation became a real possibility and the team needed Hai back, but it wasn’t Jensen who would step aside, it was the jungler Meteos. Sneaky: I don’t think, I don’t know if Meteos, is like out.

But I think we’re trying this. The change didn’t instantly turn Cloud 9 around, but putting Hai in at the jungler position gave the team enough momentum to avoid the promotion tournaments. Jensen: Meteos is still a great jungler. They have a bit of a different style where Hai is much more supportive I would say.

But the major thing was like the shotcalling, but also Hai used to be a mid laner so he understands what I need and he can like help me much more and it’s easier for him to understand when you have to help me as well. After winning a tiebreaker against Team 8 they placed seventh in the regular season not playoff bound, but not facing down relegation. However C9 had earned enough championship points to make it to the North American Regional Gauntlet and there the team would finally find their stride. (Casting) Jensen was a key part of the team’s efforts as they reverse swept both Gravity Gaming and Team Impulse before winning three and one against Team Liquid. Jensen: Man I’m super happy right now, like I don’t even realize it myself I think, but I don’t know I’m just so happy right now.

Against all odds Cloud 9 had made it to worlds. Jensen’s first season with the team despite rocky team dynamics, showed flashes of brilliance. Hai: And I’m actually pretty surprised at how Jensen took the games, he was 0 – 2, like aight dudes we’re going in now, we’re gonna win.

I was like I can appreciate that so everyone had a very good mentaltiy for the 0 – 2. Think about that for a moment, in Jensen’s past he had grappled with controlling his emotions. By his own admission he had been a toxic player. Jensen: But I think I have a lot to improve on still so I think the main goal is to be good at good for Worlds for world so we’ll see. But during his rookie split one game away from elimination he chose a different path.

Jensen: We might start out a bit slow, but I think by the end of the season we will be one of the best if not the best team In NA He chose to cheer on his teammates and it had worked. Jensen had become the first permanently banned player to be redeemed. Hai: I think in the beginning of the season Jensen was a little nervous to play had a lot of big shoes to fill up basically and I don’t know how his team was there to help him up that much. At Worlds Cloud9 got off to a hot start in Group B with three straight wins. The next week they followed that up with three losses and then were eliminated in the tiebreaker by AHQ e-sports club. (Casting) The Gauntlet and Worlds may have been a Cinderella run for the team, but Spring 2016 broke up much of the original Cloud 9 roster.

Hai and Balls were moved to Cloud 9 Challenger. Meteos returned as jungler and Impact was added to the roster as the new top laner. 2016 saw Jensen settle into his role as C9 starting mid laner and changed his alias from Incarnation. He earned all pro team honors in the Spring Split and the team 5th – 6th in Spring Playoffs and second in Summer, earning another trip to the Gauntlet and yet another trip to Worlds. He also set a new record for kills in a single game (Casting) While Jensen’s behavior had been reformed his signature cockiness remains.

Jensen: Yeah I would say I would say I’m pretty cocky when it comes to the game, yeah. Thorin: And what is that based on then, just knowing you’re better? Thinking you’re better? Jensen: Yeah I would say I would say it’s a mix of both.

Going into Worlds 2016 Jensen expressed his intention to defeat Faker in lane on Twitter. A now notorious comment especially given the outcome. Jensen: If you want to prove yourself you have to beat Faker and that’s like one opportunity I get so that’s what I’m going to do. (Casting) The team ultimately went out in Quarterfinals that year, and while Jensen didn’t clap Faker he has shown continued improvement over his time in the NA LCS. He was neck and neck with Bjergsen in the Spring Split, and statistically the best NA LCS Mid laner in Summer. Ultimately Jensen showed us that redemption is possible.

Even for those who receive some of the harshest punishments that Riot Games has ever issued. Not only that, but his route to that success showed us that he may even have become a better player and teammate in the process. Thanks for watching if you want more great content be sure to hit that subscribe button.


A New Jersey bet on sports wagers pays off at Supreme Court

Back in this country: The Supreme Court has ruled that states have the power to legalize sports betting. The case came from New Jersey, a state that fought for years to legalize sports bets at casinos and race tracks. Brenda Flanagan of NJTV News has that background. DENNIS DRAZIN, Monmouth Park: My intention, unless somebody stops us, to be up and running in two weeks. If the legislation or the governor says slow down, I’m going to listen to them.

Dennis Drazin runs Monmouth Park, a racetrack that expanded its bar and lounge to accommodate sports wagering, betting New Jersey would win its decade-long court battle to overturn the south african online casino deposit with entropay on legalized sports betting in most states. Major League sports fought New Jersey all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which today ruled that ban is unconstitutional, a David vs. Goliath victory for the former legislator who filed Jersey’s lawsuit. RAYMOND LESNIAK, Former New Jersey State Senator: Fighting every step of the way, having no one believe that I could win, and now finally coming home with a victory, and the benefits to the state, it’s sweet, a sweet feeling. BRENDA FLANAGAN: The high court ruled 6-3 that states could not be forced to regulate sports betting at the same time they were barred from legalizing it.

Nevada was the only state that could offer a full slate of sports wagering options under the 1992 federal ban. Meanwhile, illegal sports betting flourished. But the Supreme Court ruling just created a whole new legal marketplace. RUMMY PANDIT, Executive Director, Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism: The illegal market is about — is estimated close to $150 billion.

Vegas last year, where this is legal, had about $250 million in revenues in sports wagering. So, we anticipate that we in Atlantic city, once it’s up and running, could be anywhere close to $150 million. BRENDA FLANAGAN: It’s tough to gauge economic impact because individual states must enact their own sports betting statutes. Six, including New Jersey, already have laws on the books; 13 others have introduced legislation. The NFL’s still playing defense on this issue, stating: “We intend to call on Congress again, this time to enact a core regulatory framework for legalized sports betting.

We also will work closely with our clubs to ensure that any state efforts that move forward in the meantime protect our fans and the integrity of our game.” Drazin says that, in two weeks, Monmouth park will start taking limited hand bets on future wagers, like the Super Bowl, perhaps, while New Jersey enacts a regulatory framework. DraftKings is maneuvering to offer a mobile online platform in New Jersey. Some analysts expect legalized sports betting here by July 4.


Pai Gow Strategy – A Casino Guide

Today we will explain the rules that most casinos follow to set their hands in Pai Gow But before we get to the strategy there’s one important thing you need to know. Never bet the bonus. That’s because the house edge on the bonus is huge compared to the main bet the rest of Pai Gow strategy has to do with how you set your hand if your hand is completely unconnected play your highest card in your five card hand and your second and third highest cards as your two card hand.

If you only have one pair Play the pair in your high hand and your two other highest cards in your low hand. Most of the tricky spots in Pai Gow are deciding whether to split two pairs. First think of all the pair’s as divided into three categories: Deuces through sixes are low seven through tens are medium and Jacks through aces are high based on those groups you should always split up two pair in the following spots.

if you have a pair of aces If you have two high pairs if you have one high pair and one medium pair. Unless you have an ace in your hand you should also split two pair if you have two medium pair or if you have one high pair and one low pair and finally unless you have an ace or a king you should always split two pairs if you have one medium pair and one low pair or too low pairs you should always play three of a kind in your high hand unless you have three aces then play a pair of aces in your high hand and ace high in your low hand. When you have a full house always play the pair in your two card hand and three of a kind in your high hand unless you also have a second pair in which case play the higher of the two pairs in your low hand. Always play straights and flushes in your high hand, unless you also have two pair then split them according to the rules we covered before. Always split quads into two pairs if you have four jacks or above. If you have four of a kind sixes or lower keep them together if you have four of a kind seven through tens only keep them together if you also have an ace.If you have five aces using the Joker always split them, unless you also have a pair of kings in which case play all five aces in your high hand  for more free casino strategy


Jeff Foxworthy Shows Jimmy How to Play His Card Game Relative Insanity

-I love meeting your wife. Finally, your beautiful wife, backstage. -Yes. Finally, you got to meet her. -I know.

You guys have been married — almost, right? -Next week, we’ll be — We got married 33 years ago in New York for $100. Went to City Hall. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -That’s great. First of all, congrats. What do you mean for a $100?

-Well, we decided to get — I won a comedy competition. And, so, the prize was to perform at Catch a Rising Star. -Oh, yeah. -So, she came up with me, and we said, “Heck, let’s get married.”

We went to City Hall, got a license. We were actually waiting in line to get married, and the girl in front of us, her water broke, like, right there on my shoes, and I got grossed out. [ Laughter ] As who — And I went on the street, and I started calling churches, and I’m like, “Could you marry us?” And the guy said, “Yeah.” I said, “How much?” He said, “300 bucks.”

I said, “We don’t have 300 bucks. Why is it $300?” He said, “Well, it’s $200 for the chapel, $100 for me. I said, “We don’t need the chapel. We’ll do it in the hall.”

[ Laughter ] And he laughed and he said, “I’m across the street from the garden at Central Park.” And, so, we went up there, and we met him, and for 100 bucks, he married us. We have one wedding photo, and it’s me and my wife, and there was a guy sweeping the park. [ Laughter ] -So, do you have the — -This is the photo.

Yeah, here it is. -What a beautiful photo. That’s fantastic. [ Cheers and applause ] This gorgeous wedding photo. [ Both laugh ] Oh, my gosh.

Congrats, again. -So, 33 years, we’re down to 3 bucks a year. -[ Laughs ] Yeah. Exactly, right? -It’s a good thing. -I also want to say happy birthday.

Right now, technically, it’s your birthday. -It is my birthday. -Hey, have a great one, man. [ Cheers and applause ] You’re working on your birthday. But you also, you keep your brain moving.

You keep — You’re always on the road. You’re still doing stand-up all over the place. -Love stand-up.

-Love that you do that. I love that you didn’t say, “Ah, I made enough money. I’m just gonna stop.”

You keep doing stuff. What are the things that you’re doing now? -Man, politics drive me crazy, because no matter which side it is, they just promise people more and more and more. And I’m thinking, “Hell, that’s not even what we need.

We need less of the stupid stuff.” [ Laughter ] -Yeah, you’re right. -I mean, if I was running for office, I would promise no more. Like, day one, no more picking up dog poop. [ Laughter ] -Just leave it.

-Just — I mean, we’re the top of the food chain. It’s embarrassing. [ Laughter ] But I don’t understand. Why would they want us to pick it up?

I mean, New York, you understand. But people, when you have a lawn, it’s fertilizer. -Yeah.

-Right? It makes grass grow. It’s not like a child’s gonna step in it. A kid hasn’t played in the yard since 1982. You know, so… [ Laughter and applause ] Which — Which is sad, because now there’s an entire generation that has no idea how to get dog poop off their shoe.

[ Laughter ] But now think about it. When we were growing up… -Yeah. -…you played outside every day.

-Of course. -Every day, somebody stepped in dog poop. -Yes, of course. -When it happened to you, you knew what to do about it. You would — You would go over, and you would scrape the biggest part off on the edge of the curb. -Yep, that’s right.

[ Laughter, cheers, applause ] -Then you would find a puddle, and you would swirl the bottom of your shoe around the puddle… [ Laughter ] …limp over to the nearest grass, do the brush stroke back and forth… [ Cheers and applause ] …Then you would find a little piece of stick… -A piece of stick. -…and you would sit down on the stairs, and you’d pick it out of the zigzag pattern on the bottom of the shoe. That’s what you did. -That’s exactly right.

-That’s exactly — -That’s what you did. -That’s exactly what you would do. That’s exactly what you would do. -Yes. -And pick it out of the Z’s — -Yeah. And then you would wear it — Yeah, you’d pick it out of the Z, then you’d wear the shoes to church the next day.

You know? So… [ Laughter ] -Jeff, I want to talk about this game. I love games. I love card games. This is super fun. We played it around the office today.

And it’s — it’s basically a set-up punch line. -That’s all it is. -But it’s great. And it’s about — it’s different family stuff.

-Well, Thanksgiving, I’m a giant family guy. We play games. We have like 30 relatives. Aunts, uncles, cousins. And, so, last year, the kids were playing “Cards Against Humanity,” which is a really funny game… -It’s a great game.

-…but filthy. -Some of the stuff, yeah. -Yeah, some of the stuff. And, so I was just saying to them, I said, “You can’t say this in front of your aunts and uncles and your grandmother.

Go downstairs.” And I thought, “Well, there’s got to be a way to do this where everybody could play. ‘Cause nothing’s funnier than hearing something, you know, kind of risqué from your grandmother or… You know. [ Laughter ] -There really isn’t.

-So, I wrote 400 punch lines. Just things that sounded funny. -Yeah. -No, no — Like, “I have mold in my crawl space.” You know?

I mean, that sounds funny. You don’t have to know what it means. -Yeah, of course. -And then I thought, “Okay, everybody has a family.

Everybody’s family is crazy.” So, I wrote 100 setups about relatives. And, so, it’s — You can learn the game in 10 seconds. You read a setup. -Yep.

-You have punch lines. The people throw down the punch line they think’s gonna get the biggest laugh. If you get it, you get a point. It’s that easy. -All right, let’s play a game right now. -Are you ready?

-Yeah. -All right, I’ll do — I’ll read the setup. -I take seven cards?

-Seven cards. -All right, great. Yeah. Okay.

-All right. You ready? -Yeah. -And you would have a table full of people throwing down punch lines. We just have two.

“Having no filter between her brain and her mouth, my aunt said to my sister…blank.” “Having no filter between her brain and her mouth, my aunt… -Well… “Well, at least Jesus loves you.” [ Laughter and applause ] Dude, it’s fantastic. You wanna do — -You wanna do another one? -We’ll do one more. Yeah.

Why not? -“I will never forget the day my mother looked at me and said…” [ Light laughter ] -“You were conceived in a car wash.” [ Laughter and applause ] Let’s do one more. -One more, one more.

-But I could play this all night. -That’s how easy it is. All right, here we go. -All right, yeah.

-Last one. “Right before we walked down the aisle, daddy leaned over to me and whispered…” [ Laughter ] -“I’m not wearing any underwear.” [ Laughter and applause ] Dude, Jeff Foxworthy, everybody!

“Relative Insanity” is now available online!


Betting strategies – Understanding dutching and variable dutching

So I slipped a comment into one of the videos last week about touching and that I had a touching strategy in that fired off a few comments, and I thought oh yeah. That’S fine because I’ll just link to the blog post in the video that I did in that and it turned out there’s been absolutely years since I’ve actually done one. I was pretty shocked and amazed actually how long had been since I last talked about about it, because the dutching calculator in vet angel is a really useful tool. It was introduced a long time ago, we’d first introduced in 2006 and went through several upgrades, but I don’t think I’ve really covered it very properly.

So that’s what I’m going to do in this video please like and comment on the video below that will allow me to produce better quality videos and more of them in the future. If you’re interested in learning to trade successfully in sports, then why not visit the potential Academy where we have more detailed videos, so touching is something you’re probably familiar with, and on a previous video I was talking about how the over rounds is basically shrunk and shrunk, And shrunk and shrunk to the point where it’s like negligible, it’s absolutely tiny and the great thing about vet angel is. We have a very advanced dutching calculator contained within it. It not only does touching, but it does other things and very clever things within that calculator.

Stuff that maybe you’re not aware of because I haven’t really covered it at all, and one of the benefits of the over round shrinking and shrinking as that dutching becomes a really really viable strategy. Now, if you’re not familiar with touching, basically traditionally, you woods will look at a very competitive horse, race and you’d sort of say well. Is the winner gon na win or not because if he’s gon na win I’ll back him and if he’s not gon na win I’ll lay him, but the advantage that you get with dutching is and I’ll save you the story of why it’s called touching. That can be for another video, but the advantage of dutching is that you can actually cover more than one selection within a market.

So, for example, you could have a ten runner race and you can actually say to it. Okay, I want to win thirty pound if any of those first four win. It’S it’s a powerful thing to do because, rather than having to pick the winner, you can just sort of say well, I think the winners going come out of this group of four or five horses and therefore you just say: okay, I’m going to place a bet That covers those four or five horses out of that field of ten and the great thing about what we did with dutching is traditionally what you would do is you’d place two bets or more within the market, and then you would get a variable return. So you’d say his mistake: fifty pounds. How much am I going to win if I cover all those three or four horses out of this twenty-eight run a competitive handicap basket or somewhere, and then it would basically throw back a potential return for you. But when we look to Dutch and we introduced the dutching tool back in 2006, believe it or not it’s twelve years old, although it’s changed a lot since the first introduction, because we introduced that version of dutching returning, so you have basically place about you’d say how Many selections you wanted to cover in the field and then it would return some money to you.

So the first thing that we did of many is we actually flipped that completely on its head and we sort of said well. How much do you want to win if any of those four or five go on to win that particular race see we completely turned it on its head, rather than you putting a stake down a fifty pound and then wondering what your return would be, because it Could be five, it could be ten, it could be twenty all dependent upon the price at which you choose to back in the market. We’Ve flipped it totally around and we said how much would you like to win if this happens and then Bettinger calculates the stake and then you decide if you want to place your bet, so it’s really simple: you go into the market. You click on you, the selections that you want.

You nominate that you want to say, win twenty pounds and then bet angel. Does the calculation for you new press, the place, bets button and away it goes now. You can actually automate Dutch capabilities, it’s not as quite as much as the Moneo tool, because the manual tool is designed to be very highly refined, but it is possible if you want to automate some element of dutching, that you can do that through the automation.

So check out the forum and the scripts that are available so the rules files that are available in the forum that will allow you to do that so yeah. The basic Dutch position was back these two, these three, these four runners and you’re gon na get some money back. We turned it totally on its head and said: how much would you like to win if this occurs?

Now, of course, you can do on racing. You can do it on football because you could say I want to back 1, nil, 1 or 2, 1, 1, 2, and but we’re not going to cover that position there and it works exactly the same way. You can say if any of these correct scores come in.

I want to win 20 quid and it’s in a competitive handicap in racing you could say if any of these four horses, when I want to win Tony quid, so you flip everything on its head effectively. You say this is how much I like to win, and this is what’s going to make this occur. That’S the essence of the way that we created the dutching tool within betangel, but it gets better because we then took it up another level.

I can’t remember when we did that, probably a year or two after we introduced the tool and you can actually nominate how much you want to win on each individual selection, and this was incredibly complex to do. And it took a lot of pain and effort and fiddling around with spreadsheets to work out how this was going to happen. So the great thing about the way that this works is, you can say.

Ok, I want to win 30 30 pounds 20 pounds if the any of the first 3 runners go on to win this race. However, I’m going to break even on the 4th I’m going to make 50 quid on the fifth and I want to lose 100. If the six runner comes in because that’s unlikely to happen, but that’s the loss that I’m prepared to take, so the variable dutching that we’ve got within the bet angel dutching calculator allows you to do that. So again, you could do it on football. You can say: well, I think they’re gon na win, so I’m gon na win 20 pounds if they win 1, nil.

2. 1. 3.

1. 2. Now or you know, you could decide. However, you want to mix that up, but if they end up drawing I’m willing to break even and if they lose, then you can cap your loss effectively with that as well. You can actually nominate for each individual selection what you’re willing to gain or lose, and you can even set it at a break-even as well, and so you can say it’s say: you’re looking a really competitive race and you think 5 horses have got a chance out Of 20, but only three of them have got a real chance.

You can basically say I want to win 50-pound on the front three and I’m willing to break even on the next two, because they’ve got and if they come on would be unexpected. But I want to cover them off on and make sure that I don’t lose money so yeah, it’s very, very flexible, there’s an awful lot that you can do with it. There are additional functions as well that I’m not going to explain specifically in this video because they almost sit in two different categories of strategy: they’re not considered sort of basic touching strategies. But if you want to understand exactly how to use the calculator, I’m going to do another video which will go alongside this one this week and I’ll include it at the end of this video that can link to it, which would just walk you through that particular Process going from basic touching to touching to a predefined profit target, to variable touching so I’ll include that at the end of this video and on a separate video but yeah check it out because it is very flexible and the big advantage you’ve got nowadays when you’re Done qing is that the book curve around is absolutely tiny when we invented the tour back in 2006, it was quite large, but the markets so efficient now that, rather than just betting on one thing, you can bet on a whole host of things and the over Round has effectively spread amongst the book on this selections that you bet. Basically, the amount of commission that you pay is spread across those runners as well, and it’s just a very, very efficient way of covering multiple selections. Getting a relatively high winrate and doing it in a very, very efficient manner, simply because the book percentage is so tiny, but anyway, what I suggest to do is far better you’ll, go to the dutching tab and then follow the instructions, that’s included in the other video.



How To Sign Up at a Casino

Step One: find the best online casinos in  Canada. There, you’ll find loads of reviews of legitimate online casinos that cater specifically to us awesome Canadians. Some casinos, like Beltway, are “instant play” – meaning you don’t need to install software on your computer to play them. Rather, you play completely online. To sign up for these types of casinos, click on the button on the homepage that says either “Sign Up”, “Open Account” or “Play Now.” The site will prompt you to create an account with a unique username, password, valid email address, personal and contact details and preferred language and currency. Then you’ll be asked to accept the Casino policy, but make sure to stay awake reading those Terms and Conditions before you do. Then hit the “Register” button and you have yourself an account! Congrats Now, depending on the casino, you can play for fun. Or if you want to hop right on the gravy train, you can place some bets! But, as they say, you need money to make money. So first things first: deposit money into your account. Click the Account tab or Bank button, and then the option to “make a deposit «that follows. You’ll be sent to a secure page, where you can safely choose and pay through your preferred payment option. Your account balance should adjust instantly. Online casinos that are not instant play require you to download their free software. To play these, click the “Download Software” or “Download Casino” button on the casino home page. Then click on the .exe file that appears at the bottom left of your browser and choose “run” when Windows prompts you if you want to run the file. Finally, hit the “install” button, sign into the software with your username and password and you’re good to go.

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