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How To Start Your Own Casino In The U.K.?

With the increasing popularity for gambling, there are a staggering number of live casinos and online casinos available. People from all over the world can try their luck in becoming a millionaire. A few gamblers have taken the initiative to open their own gambling casinos. But opening one is not an easy task. A huge investment is involved. To run your own casino you should be having a gaming license which has been approved by your government. This license gives you the permission to run the free pokie games and take wagers and bets from gamblers. There are many casinos which are not licensed and thus are always short termed since they may close down without any warning.

You will be able to have a running lucrative gambling business and not get caught for money laundering if you have a licensed casino. A license also will help you get more players to your best poker since most people choose a legalized establishment. A license will also make it easier for you to be able to open accounts in the reputable banks for your casino banking transactions. To open a gaming facility in the UK you will require a license. There are three categories of license namely operating, personnel and premises and your business will need all three kinds. The Gambling Commission issues the Operating and personal licenses while premises licenses are issued by your local authority.

There are two kinds of personal licenses:

  1. a) Personal Management License – it is required by all individuals who occupy a specified management position.
  2. b) Personal Functional License – it is required by those persons who work within a casino as a staff under whom comes the dealer, the cashier, the pit boss etc.

There are two types of fee payable for operating licenses – an application fee and an annual fee payable within 30 days of time from the day your license has been issued.

You cannot start your gambling business until you have obtained all the required permissions.

Land-Based Casino

Land Based Casinos in New York

There is no need to introduce the famous state of the United States of America and that is New York. New York is famous all over the world. New York is one of the most popular and famous state of the United States of America. The population in New York surpasses more than 18,976,000. However, the state of New York is famous for many of its historical monuments. Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and many other monuments makes New York more famous. One more thing which adds to the popularity of New York is the casinos which are located in New York. There are many casinos in New York which turn out to be a point of attraction for many visitors in New York. There are many attractive and luxurious Land based casinos which entertain the visitors. New York is called as a hub for entertainment because any tourist who visits New York would get himself entertained by many ways. Anyone who is planning to visit New York would have many common places to visit. Different monuments and casinos are the main center of attraction for the visitors.

Land based casinos in New York attracts many gamblers who prefer to gamble their luck and win lots of money through gambling. These land based casinos would provide many services other than gambling. Services like stage shows, boxing matches and many such facilities are provided by the casinos of New York. There are many games for the gamblers who prefer to spend most of their time in gambling. Slot machine, black jack, poker and video poker are the games which the gamblers usually prefer to play in the casinos of New York. There are many rules and regulations which makes these games different from others. Casinos would also be responsible for the services like limousine ride or complimentary gifts or some kind of stay packages for its visitors.

Such casinos would also provide the VIP gamblers with special tables where these gamblers would have a chance to play with huge amount of money. In such tables there would be no limits for money. Gamblers could bid their luck with as much amount of money as they want. Such facilities are also provided to gamblers. There are also some facilities for the tourists who are new in case of gambling in casinos. The casinos would provide some type of demos to such players who are at the beginning stage. However, players below the age of 18 to 21 years are not allowed to gamble in casinos. However, the casinos would provide many games which would be suitable to the minors. Thus, the casino would take care of all the luxury of you and your family.

Therefore, visiting New York would be an experience which you would never forget. New York would provide you with different historical monuments so that you could visit them and get the knowledge about the history of New York. Thus New York would be a perfect place to enjoy your holidays.

Land-Based Casino

Gambling in the Casinos of Tunisia

Gambling is not particularly a favorite among the authorities in Tunisia. Nonetheless, play poker gambling is very much legal in Tunisia and tourist and gamblers find it a very contenting pastime in indulging in gambling games in the various casinos of Tunisia. While there are four casinos in Tunisia, they are widely spread across the terrain of the country. The casinos in Tunisia are largely restricted to the cities of djerba, hammamet and kantaoui. Djerba has the most lavish of all the casinos of Tunisia called the Grand Pacino. Hammamet plays home to two big casinos of Tunisia namely Grand Casino Yasmine and Casino la Medina. The other casino in Tunisia is in Kantaoui and is named Grand Casino Kantaoui located in Sousse.

Nonetheless each of these casinos offer state of the art facilities and bestow great pleasures upon their clientele. Not many are unhappy with any of the casinos that are on offer on the Tunisian gambling scene. The perks and comps are perfectly competent with the global standards. Each casino has over a hundred slot machines and tens of gambling tables that offer a potpourri of gambling games to be played. And in no respect is any casino in Tunisia lagging any bit from any of their global competitors. One of the main attractions of tourists to Tunisia is the casino gambling opportunities.

The only thing that perhaps works to the disadvantage of the Tunisian casinos you may think is the fact that the Tunisian casinos do not provide lodging facilities. But none the less lodging into any hotel near any casino in Tunisia is a matter of minutes. And all the hotels too are perfectly furnished with the entire wherewithal that are in. So if you think that the unavailability of lodging facilities at the casinos of Tunisia is a deterrent then as a gambling fan you would be making a big, fat mistake.