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Becoming a Travel Blogger part 2

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If you want to have the five-star luxury stay, of course, go to South Beach and Miami Beach. There are fabulous hotels over there. But if you are on a budget or if you are with your family and a lot more people, and you want to control your expenses, there are lots of other cities in the Greater Miami area that are worth considering. For example, Fort Lauderdale. It’s a beautiful city.

You can find more affordable places there. There are other cities around too, like Hollywood. You can even look as far as Deerfield Beach, for example. I stay there once when I was going to Miami. It is far, but you get much more affordable rates over there, Plantation as well. You’re not on the coast.

You’re at more inland But you can get better deals. Now, for you to do this, you need to have a car, because everything in Miami is far. You’ll have to commute and public transport is not the greatest. So, keep that in mind. Dharmaraj Pillay – hello, Dharma, my brother, “irmao” He’s been on this channel for such a long time.

It’s so good to see you here again and asking me a question. “When are you coming to India?” Hopefully, soon, Dharma. It’s a country I’d really like to visit. Amode Issop: “How do you start vlogging about travel experiences?”

Well, I’d say just do it Don’t put mountains in front of you, just start. And that was my problem when I got started. I was always thinking that I was not good enough, that my editing was not good enough, so I kept delaying. I edited a lot of stuff actually that I never posted anywhere.

Today, looking back, I wish I had the courage back then to just post and just get started. Another thing, don’t hang yourself on cameras Don’t try to get the best camera out there. Don’t focus too much on that because you can do a lot of stuff with a cell phone. A lot of people don’t know, but some of the videos that I did in Russia, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg, my first videos in Moscow, I did with the iPhone 7. I got great results.

Nobody has ever complained about that camera work and it just works But I’ll say something, you need a microphone. If you use your phone, use a microphone. Gustavo Rivera, he asks “How do I travel and blog at the same time?” So, the secret, I’d say it’s not just travel, it’s not just fun all the time. You got to work, too, because, otherwise, it’s not sustainable.

So, you need to create a rhythm for you to travel and sometimes take some breaks, do some work. And this way, you keep going. If you just go, go, go, travel all the time every day in a different place, every day, a different attraction, you get tired, physically tired, and you’re gonna give up. So, you need to create a balance. Negocio Miami – He asks if I do it for my job, or if I do it just for fun. Both.

My video production skills led me to some job opportunities, so this is how I keep going. I never got paid to do any job here for this channel. I never got paid partnerships.

Hopefully, one day, I get there, and I’ll let you all know. So, in the meantime, I use YouTube to broadcast my work and what I’m capable of, and this way, I get some job opportunities. Fabio Frisoni, “Can I suggest a trip to Jordan, Petra in particular?” And Fabio wrote me both on Instagram and Twitter, so he really wants me to go to Jordan. I’d love to, Fabio, one day.

I heard that Petra is extremely beautiful. As I mentioned Twitter, let me answer two questions I got there. Actually on Twitter, I got so many questions, unrelated questions that are so funny. People asking my opinion on stock market, on football, unrelated stuff. So, what is related to this YouTube… Here you go.

Alexandre Moura: “Are you married?” Yes, I am. I’m married to Gordon, the Canadian-American who occasionally appears on my videos. He’s very, very shy. But little by little, I will try to film a little bit more of him. He doesn’t speak too much.

Now that we started traveling full time he’s appearing more and more. Look at him playing with the camera now. Come on, Gordon.


He likes to make jokes offline, so I started filming a little bit more of him. And one more question from Twitter, Carlos Rivadeneira he asks if it’s better to travel with expectations or just enjoy the moment. Absolutely, no expectations. Enjoy the moment. And I remember here, a philosopher.

I had philosophy classes at University and there was one philosopher that said something that was really important to me, and I never forgot. Heraclitus, he was a Greek philosopher, and he said something in lines of, “You got to expect the unexpected.” And that is so true, because if you arrive at a location full of expectations that it’s going to be amazing, everything is going to be perfect, you’re going to get disappointed. So, this is something I learned very early on It’s better to expect that you’re gonna have an interesting experience. You’re going to experience something totally different, then expecting that it’s going to be amazing and it’s going to be everything you dreamed about, because most of the times, it’s not.

This is something I bring to my travels and this is why I am rarely disappointed or unhappy and I enjoyed everywhere I go. It’s better to go with the flow because you never know what to expect and sometimes something that is totally unexpected ends up making everything worthwhile, and making a destination or your day totally different and totally worth it, and bringing unique memories that you’re gonna remember. Of course, have some plans but don’t expect everything to be perfect all the time. You know have plan A, plan B, plan C, and so on. And last set of questions, Facebook now. Elizabeth Smart, “Do you intend to go to Singapore?”

Yes. Actually, this is the next series starting here on the channel. I spent about a week or 10 days to Singapore. It was absolutely fantastic.

So, stay tuned. Next videos are in Singapore. Diécia Leocádio From the countries I’ve been which one I liked the most and where I’d live. It’s so good to see Diécia here ’cause she’s also been following the channel for such a long time, always leaving me questions, also always connecting on social media. So, thank you very much, Diécia. Good to see you here.

Thank you for the question. I love the United States, I love living there. I love the convenience for everything that’s why I’m still there.

Out of the countries I’ve been recently, two were very surprising. Singapore, you know, it’s an extremely beautiful country and very progressive. Everything works, but it is very expensive, so that would be the only problem living there. It is really expensive. In the other hand, Malaysia was a really good surprise. Everybody talks about Southeast Asia being cheap, especially Thailand, but Malaysia is actually cheaper than Thailand, and their internet there is unbelievable.

I thought I had fast internet in the United States. In Malaysia, it’s 10 times faster. A 15-16-minute video gets uploaded in Malaysia in like two, three minutes. In the United States, in my home, and I had fast internet over there, it used to take like 15 minutes. So, it is really interesting.

And they are all very tech-savvy. They are, you know, in the forefront of using technology over there. I love these things. Especially, in Kuala Lumpur, the capital they use the cell phone to make payments. There are more ways to use apps than we do in the United States, so it is a country that really intrigued me. I wouldn’t say that I’d live forever there, but maybe spend a few months here, a few months there, a few months in Brazil as well, of course.

So, yeah, I think this would be a great balance for me. Eduardo Luiz Gomes “Do you edit your videos yourself? They’re certainly the best I’ve seen on YouTube of this nature.” Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.

‘Cause it is really hard, you know, sometimes I see people saying that it takes them six, eight hours to edit a video It takes me three days. [laughs] So, I put a lot of effort editing this. And, yes, I edit everything myself. But also my background helped a lot because I worked on TV for such a long time. I learned how to edit before I started YouTube.

I learned in Final Cut Pro, today I edit in Premiere Pro. And it’s something I got better little by little, you know. It took me a long time to actually do something that I was proud of. And it’s a work in progress. I still don’t think I’m that great.

I know that I have a lot to improve. But little by little, you do research here, research there, and you practice a lot, and you can get better. Yes, I do everything by myself. It’s a lot of work because I have two channels. I have this one in English and I have an entire channel totally in Portuguese. But I love doing that, and I love editing as well.

Mario Mancilla – He wants to know what camera do I use. I don’t use one camera. I use various cameras for different scenarios and different situations. Gordon has one.

I have another. And this way we go. Now, for example, we’re doing this video with a Canon EOS R, this is now our main camera, but we only started using this camera this year. Before we use the Canon 5D, we still have the 5D. Sometimes Gordon goes with the EOS R, I go with a 5D, and we switch, or I also use the Osmo Pro that has a really nice gimbal. When you see those images that appear to be on a gimbal, they were shot with the Osmo Pro.

If you want to see how I use all this equipment, let me know in the comments, and maybe I can create a different video another day. But if you’re just getting started, don’t get intimidated with all this. Use your phone.

We use all this because we learned how to use over the years and it’s something that we enjoy, and videography became more than a hobby. Today it’s our work, it became necessary. But if you’re just getting started, you don’t need all that. Rita Pitanga asked me to include travels and activities for seniors. Rita, I think everything that I do can be done by seniors, too.

I think the secret is not to pack everything on the same day, because then you get tired. For example, in the videos that I did in London, I did a lot of things every day, and even I was exhausted in the end of the day. So, if you take, for example, don’t do Buckingham Palace and everything else, everything on the same day, do one thing in the morning, then you stop, have a nice lunch, relax, recharge your energies, and then in the afternoon, do another activity.

But don’t try to do everything that I show in the video, everything on the same day, because you are going to get tired. I see, for example, my sister and my mom, they travel together a lot. And my sister likes packing everything on the same day.

My mom gets exhausted, you know. I think it’s better to choose one or two activities, take a break, enjoy some wine. You’re going to enjoy the trip way more. And I got one more question here on Facebook that I thought was hilarious and I had to include because it’s from my dad. He asks what countries have I visited in Asia on this trip.

He’s totally losing track. He thinks that I’m going this and there and everywhere. Dad, no, just Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand so far.

That’s it. We’re not going crazy. We’re not going several places.

This is it. We’re taking it slowly. ‘Cause he’s normally used to see me going somewhere and coming back, and this time, it’s totally different.

And it’s so cool that he follows me on Facebook. So, yeah, this is it, dad, you can keep up with me. [laughs] Don’t worry, everything is great.

We’re having a great time. Lots of kisses for you and for mom, too, otherwise she’s gonna be jealous. This is one of the very few videos here on my channel really in real time because I’m still here in Bangkok as you see this. So, if you have tips, if you know somewhere that I absolutely need to go, let me know in the comments.

Also, let me know if you like this type of video, if you want to see more of this. Maybe in the future, I can do specific Q&As, you know, about the specific topics. I don’t know, just an idea, let me know. And if you have more questions, leave them in the comments below.

I’ll answer as many as I can. Again, thank you very much for visiting my channel. Thank you for spending time with me. And see you next week in Singapore.


Look at the size of this mirror here. Full body mirror here and another mirror over there. This is the biggest toilet I’ve ever seen. Even compared to business class. Gordon: Do you want to get one? Renata: Well, you know I love bags, right?

Don’t tease me. Gordon: Why don’t you get that bag? Don’t you like that bag, that colored?

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Online Gambling: Mobile Apps

I want to make myself far more available to my community. Actually, I need to make myself more available to my community. I have an obligation to people who are taking a course of mine to be able to book some time with me for some consultation. Consequently, I need an online casino games solution.

So I spent the entire weekend looking at online gambling tools for booking appointments. I thought that I would find one that I loved. I didn’t.

I looked at the whole whack of solutions. I think I went to 12 solutions in total and I found something wanting in each and every one of them. There was no one single perfect solution. I did finally come up with one that I am happy with, but not thrilled with, if that makes sense, because it turns out that all of these online gambling solution suffer from a little bit je na sais suck. They all have something that bothers me about them but they will do the job if you take some time.

So today, we’re going to take a look at choosing an online gambling scheduling solution on DottoTech. Now I was perhaps a little bit overly harsh because I spent the entire weekend trying to figure out this solution because I thought I would find an online gambling scheduling application that I loved. There are so many tools that I just really like out there that I really like the philosophy and the value, all of those sorts of things and I did not hit on one that was an absolute homerun.

I hit on one that I think is probably the best overall solution in my particular case, but they all left me wanting something more from them. So to kind of create a frame of reference, what do we need in an gambling online scheduling application? First and foremost, we need integration with our calendar. I use Google Calendar. You might use Outlook calendar but it has to integrate because if I create an appointment myself in my calendar, I want to make sure that that’s not available to somebody do double-book my time. That’s number one.

Number two is it would be nice if it was integrated into my website so I could create a form that people could fill in on my website that allows people to book with me without ever leaving my website. That’s number two. Number three is I would like them to be able to not just book an appointment but instead to book just a request for an appointment so that I can verify whether or not I’m available or not. Number four, I’d like it to be a reasonable price. And number five is it has to be, has to be, has to be robust.

It has to work every time and be reliable. So that was where my journey began. Now to give you a little more frame of reference, there were lots of different services out there that I dismissed fairly early on just because of the price. This one here, I love the name Schedulista.

How do you say it? It looks nice. They’ve got a great looking website but $20 a month for a single purpose and they always have less features available in their single user thing. Suddenly $240 a year, it seems to me to be a lot of money to spend for something.

Now if you are a person who is a salesperson or you’re booking dozens and dozens of meetings and it’s all cold calls and all booking meetings, if you live that sort of lifestyle or a business style, then spending more on an application might well be worth it. But I personally only need this occasionally as do I imagine the rest of you is. It’s not something that we use each and every day but it’s something that we use as a convenience from time to time. So consequently, committing to $240 a year or so for a service that is available elsewhere for less money, that seems to be a little bit excessive.

So the three that kind of came down as my finalists were, in no particular order: ScheduleOnce, which I looked at before on this channel. I quite like it. It’s a great product, very busy website, great product.

Number two is TimeTrade Online Gambling Scheduling, probably one of the bigger players in the space. The third one was I just really liked this application. It’s beautiful, simple. It’s called Calendly.

It’s a very nice service that some of my friends use and I’ve tested it in the past, quite like. Each one was missing something. They didn’t quite do everything for me so there was going to be a compromise no matter what. The problem with ScheduleOnce, as far as I was concerned, came down with the pricing. They have integration with almost everything, including InfusionSoft which is nice.

But the InfusionSoft integration came at a very steep price on top of the membership pricing. So we’re looking at kind of the basic service at $5 a month. It’s pretty reasonable. That’s a great price. But most people are going to want the premium at $10 a month.

Then we really look at it, the $20-a-month plan is really what’s required because here’s the thing: for the basic one, you get Google Calendar integration, which is great; you get booking with approval, which is great. That means that when somebody goes to schedule a booking with me, that I can verify it rather than making a straight-up booking. I love that and that’s available in the basic package. So the basic package—I don’t like how their site pops this stuff up—really works well from that perspective. But then they don’t allow automatic booking, Outlook Calendar integration costs extra and down here website integration costs extra. So it doesn’t quite do everything at $5 so we’ve got to go to the $9-a-month and that doesn’t still do the website integration.

So in order to have it on my website and not just have a link that takes them to their website, $20 a month. It’s getting a little bit rich. If they had the website integration or some way of doing it at the $5 a month or even the $10 a month, this one here would probably be the winner as far as I was concerned.

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Becoming a Travel Blogger part 1


Online gambling in Singapore offer free slots games review and demo play. From the moment I started taking it seriously, uploading once a week, I grew from 3 to 30 in just a little bit more than a year. And for all of you who are there trying to do the same thing, I just want to encourage you because it is possible. At first you may think that it only happens to other people but, no, keep going. So, as this community grows, I feel it’s time for me to come here and share a little bit more about me, who am I, why am I doing all this, how do I do it.

And most importantly, thank you for coming back every week. I’m arriving here at the mall. Let’s go there.

There are so many nice malls in Bangkok. As a result of your support, late last year we made a crazy decision that we haven’t mentioned in the vlogs yet We left our home in Texas, packed everything and put on a storage. This is our garage.

It’s such a mess. I have to film, so that one day we can laugh. My dad came all the way from Brazil to help me. -Yeah.

-[laughs] To do this international move Look at Gordon. You’re tired? [laughs] Now the garage gets cleaned. At first, we committed to six months of travel and we chose our destinations based on the requests we’re getting. Here we are four months in, it’s been amazing, but it’s going by really fast.

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas, huh? Merry Christmas.

[laughs] Happy New Year! [music] Bye Brazil This is one of those things you see other people doing online and you think it’s never gonna be possible, but here we are. And our idea is not to rush, trying to go to as many countries as we can No, we want to experience cities and experience them well, so that I can create better video guides for you. We arrive in a city, and before I start filming, I walk around, experience the culture. Yay!

That’s me. So, when we start doing the vlogs, I can provide the best information. And from Peru to Thailand, there has already been a lot in between. We just spent two days in the U.S. organizing things, and then we flew to Tokyo.

Renata: A or B? A or B, what do you want? Beef No Tokyo vlogs, that was just a stopover, but one day we’ll be back Where we really spent time was Singapore and Malaysia. So, I use the community tab and social media to ask for your questions, and here I am to answer.

But let’s go inside because it’s too hot here outside now. Can I get, please, a Thai iced tea with milk? Thank you It’s a creamy milk-infused tea. Very sweet. And good, very good. So, I organized the questions here based on where they came from.

Let’s get started with YouTube, both my channels: English and Portuguese. Question from Mongo, “Which one would you say is your most memorable experience and why?” I thought a lot, you know, before responding to this, because every trip seems to be memorable. But there were a few situations that I think I’ll never forget. First one was in South Africa. I’ve been to South Africa three times and in two trips, I spent a month there.

And I got to connect with people, talk to them a lot, and hear their stories. And there was one person who sat next to me, and he told me stories about growing up in South Africa during the apartheid, and it’s one of those moments that really made me reflect about everything. And even today, sometimes when I think about this, I get emotional. So, this was something that was really… that touched me, you know, in a special way.

Another thing that I’d say that happened, and this was recently, it was in Singapore. We saw a festival called Thaipusam and it was really, really impressive to see the sacrifices that people do, you know. It’s coming up in one of the next vlogs.

That was mind-blowing. And I think I’ll also remember that for a long time. Carmen B. – “What’s your favorite place to go?” Hello, Carmen, it’s so good to see you here.

Carmen has been coming to this channel for such a long time, and it’s so great to see that you’re still here. Thank you for your question. So, my favorite place, I think you know, because you’ve seen several of my videos there: Brazil, right?

Especially Cabo Frio and Búzios, that region, because I grew up going there every summer or sometimes more than once or twice a year. So, this is something that is… That region is really, really special to me. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, recently I just went back there and shot a few videos. They’re listed right here in this playlist. Go take a look.

The beaches are amazing. And today, especially living abroad, I miss that region a lot. I think I’ll give a similar answer here to the next question from Julian Sorel. “Hello. You visited many different places around the world, but I’d like to know what is your favorite tourist place?”

Yeah, I’d say it’s also Cabo Frio, Búzios, that area because of the beaches. I miss it so much. I love the beaches there.

And it reminds me of childhood. So, that’s my favorite place. I may travel the world but, you know, going back home is always great. A question from Mirtes Bittencourt She asks how did I move to the United States and how did I start working with news reporting. I went to the United States in 2003 to do some extension courses and I studied in Los Angeles. After that, I got an opportunity to work there legally with a work visa and everything, so I took that opportunity.

But actually before this, I was already a news reporter in Brazil. I actually left a career on TV in Brazil to move to the United States. In Brazil, I was already working on several national networks. And when I moved to the United States, I became an international correspondent for another important network in Brazil. So, this is how I ended up there.

Now, the question in Portuguese from Moy Moses He’d like to know when I’m doing a coast-to-coast trip in the United States. Well, actually, I’ve done, you know, I’ve done from Texas to Las Vegas. There are videos about that one. I’ve done from Texas to Florida.

There are videos there, too. And I did a few trips also that I didn’t document from L.A. to Canada, from Texas to Toronto, from Texas to L.A. I’ve done all kinds of trips like this, but I believe what you want is probably like New York or Chicago all the way via Route 66 until California. You know, hopefully, one day, it’s really nice. I love doing road trips in United States. And it’s good to know that you like that, so I’ll put that on my list.

Sentar from Russia, “Western and eastern parts of Russia differ a lot. You have already seen the European part of our country, but there’s another Russia.” “So, do you plan to come back to Russia again to go east to feel all that difference by yourself?” Absolutely, Russia is really high on my list. And I’d say here, Russia is definitely a place a lot more foreigners should go because, you know… Don’t listen to the media.

And it’s awful for me to say that because I’m part of the media, I worked in the media for such a long time, but it’s not all true what people say, you know, we spent a lot of time in Russia. We had an unbelievable, amazing time in Russia. People are so friendly, so nice. We loved to see this European part of Russia. Now, we’re actually looking forward to seeing a different Russia.

It’s one of my dreams, sort of the Trans-Siberian rail route all the way ending up in a Vladivostok. I’d love to do that. I’ve already started planning. So, hopefully, in the next few months or maybe next year. But I definitely want to go back, and I feel there is a lot more to experience in Russia. And I also really love the feedback I’ve received from Russians.

I never expected Russians would come to my channel and enjoy my content. So, thank you very much for that as well. Question from That Person “What inspire your desire to travel and how do you afford it?” Well, I think my family has inspired me. My great-grandma was already traveling to Italy, in cruises, when… at a time that nobody was considering traveling.

And then my grandparents were always traveling within Brazil. So, I think my desire to travel comes from family and from seeing everyone traveling since at a very young age. Now, how can I afford it?

Well, I save money Some people spend their money in expensive clothes, expensive cars. I save my money. And also I don’t do this just for fun.

This is a job for me. I also work. I’m a freelance journalist.

So, I’m not all over just spending money, I’m also making money. I work on several projects here and there, so this is how I can afford. I started traveling the world to work about 15 years ago. So, I’ve been doing this actually way before having this channel. But I’d always go somewhere, come back home, go somewhere, come back home.

The difference now is that instead of doing this, I’m going from place to place. And actually I’m saving money because I don’t have to maintain my house without being there full-time. Kiko Caxias says that I’ve been helping a lot of people who study English, and asks if I can add subtitles in English to my videos.

Kiko and everybody else, all my videos have subtitles in English. If they’re not appearing to you, you need to activate them. All you got to do is come here if you’re on a desktop, come to the bottom, click on CC. This automatically activates subtitles.

Now it appears in English for me as English is my default language, but you could change that. You see this other icon here? Click on it, and I have all these languages.

English is manually done, but the others are autotranslations, so they’re not perfect, but you can have a pretty good idea. And if you’re on your cell phone, just click on the video, and then you see dot, dot, dot, click on captions, choose your language, and that’s it. Tiger Princess! “Renata, please visit Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.” Oh! “I love your perspective on these locations.”

All these places are high, high on my list, too. I actually spent once two months in German. It’s a country I love, really, really love. And, yeah, it’s good to know that you’re interested. I’ll try to go back as soon as I can.

Thank you. That’s good to know. Mikvas asks, “Any children?”

No, no children. Maybe one day. Duskbat Rabbit, “We always see Mr. Gordon with the camera, camera bag, and a very big tripod.

Does he like to share his pictures he takes online? All of the work that Gordon does is for this channel right here. He works a lot, every time you see him with this tripod, he’s doing time lapses, hyperlapses, all that, while I’m filming myself. So, this is a team effort for this channel. Reclaiming4Jesus says, “Hi, Renata, your videos are very good and informative.”

Thank you. “When are you coming to Jamaica?” Can you believe I’ve never been to the Caribbean? It is definitely a place I want to go.

You know, and it is so close, because I’m right there in Texas, but… Yeah, and Jamaica is high on my list as well. We’d love to go one day. Adrian Albuquerque, “In what position would you put Peru in relation to its other Latin American neighbors? Which do you think is better?” I don’t think you can compare countries like that because I think every country is special in its own way, and it has some peculiarities, and it has things that makes a country unique, you know.

This is why I love traveling as well. So, I think it’s a question that has no answer, at least in my opinion. Let’s go for a quick break. Look at the amount of options here to eat.

This food square is fantastic. Some grocery shopping. Quick and easy, so let’s go back to the questions. From a healthy tea to an unhealthy temptation here, ice cream.

Let’s get started with the Instagram questions. Paulo Perrucci: “What’s the biggest challenge while shooting?” In my case, that I’m constantly out shooting, that’s the real challenge, because you depend on factors that are out of your control. For example, if you’re on the street you depend on the weather, if it’s windy, if it’s rainy, it’s too hot and humid, all these affects the quality and the speed of your production.

You also need to pay attention at your equipment what are your battery levels, your memory cards . do you have enough space to do an attraction. Let’s say, if I’m just starting to shoot a different attraction. Do I have enough space in my memory cards? What are my battery levels?

Am I going to be able to finish what I started? So, you need to keep all that in mind. It is very different as compared to shooting something at home that you just put the camera on a tripod, and then you speak to your camera and everything is right there, manageable. It is harder to be outdoors which is something you need to plan for. Nucia Paula, she wants to know about where to stay in Miami.

I’m going to answer this question here because I get this question all the time. Thanks to my videos in Miami. This is what I have to say about Miami. You need to know what’s your budget and what’s the purpose of your trip because if you want to stay in Miami itself, South Beach or Miami Beach, it’s going to be very expensive. But at the same time, if you’re going to Miami not for the party, but if you want to go shopping, for example, it doesn’t make sense that you stay right there in the middle of the hustle and bustle because a lot of the outlet malls are located north of the city, so you need to take all that into consideration.

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Where To Play Bingo

While there are countless websites that allow visitors to play bingo, not all of them are created equally. Some online bingo sites load slowly while others simply don’t have a lot of options. If you enjoy playing bingo online, you will want to find a website that has all of the best features. Winning a large jackpot may make you feel good, however, making new friends and having a fun time will be even more important. The first thing that you should look for in a great online bingo website is the quality of its graphics. Vivid colors, animation and exciting backdrops will make you want to come back again and again.

Bingo players should also seek websites that give them access to a wide variety of games. Some days, you will want to wager a bet, but on others you might must want to play for fun. Even though you likely enjoy playing bingo virtually all of the time, you probably wouldn’t mind having the chance to sample other games. Online bingo websites that feature other games often attract the most visitors.

You can read reviews written by online bingo players in order to determine which websites are the best. Alternatively, you can browse bingo websites until you are able to find one that suits all of your needs. In the end, remember to have fun while you play. When you play bingo on the web, you have the option of talking to your online friends at any time. Whether bingo is a passion for you, or something that you partake in when you have a little free time, it is imperative that you play on a website that allows you to fully unwind. Look for a great bingo website and you will be able to enjoy your free time.

In both places it would become something of an institution for those cultures, but it would be the UK that would take bingo to the next level by developing far more places to play and ways of playing than the US itself. This is the home of the world’s online bingo revolution because there are more companies that serve up online bingo games in the UK than in any other nation in the world. While its history is well known, we can only guess at how bright bingo’s future will be.

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The gamblers fallacy

I have heard a lot of talk lately about the age old “Martingale Betting System”, mostly used in roulette, but designed for any bet that is close to a 50/50 proposition.

This is the one that says if you lose double your bet, and keep doubling it until you win…in theory and on the surface this looks like something that makes perfectly good sense, because eventually you are going to win. However there are two factors that are never mentioned when this system is recommended.

One is you probably don’t have enough money to do this and second is the table limit. We will discuss both of these a little later.

The system is based on the theory that if you lose four or five times in a row you have to win the next one, the only problem with that is that in a game of random returns the next roll of the dice or spin of the wheel, or draw of the cards has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the last. The dice, the ball and the cards have no memory, they do not know what has happened in the past and while the odds of losing a 50/50 proposition seven or eight times in a row starting out is well over 100 to 1, each of those individual losses is still only even money to win or lose.

This is the gamblers fallacy…thinking that just because you have won several times in a row you are going to lose the next, or just because you have lost several times in a row you are going to win the next. In a game of random returns anything is possible including long winning streaks or long losing streaks.

Also recognize that if you are doubling your bet when you lose, the amount of money that might take is probably a lot more than the average gambler would like to risk. Especially when doubling a $5 bet can get up to $640 after 7 losses in a row, which means the total risk amount at that point ($5 + $10 + $20 + $40 + $80 + $160 + $320 + $640) is well over $1000 to win $5. And if the table limit is $500 you can’t even make the $640 bet, so even if you win the $500 bet you are still $135 in the hole…all of this for a $5 bet. I think NOT!


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The Firts Online Casino In Philippines

The online casino is very much popular among the people for two prominent reasons (a) it is easy to play from anywhere and the second reason is (b) it is quite profitable to play and win.

The online casino games can be played by the players if he has the computer with the internet connection. It is very much popular among the players and it is very much easy to play by any one.

In the same way the online casino games have entered in the arena of the gambling in Philippines. The offline gambling is already made legalized in the casinos of Philippines.

And very recently Philippines had got her first online casino. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation have declared about the inauguration of the online casino in the country.

The player will get the chance to play the popular casino games like blackjack, roulette, slot machine games, and baccarat from their home. They will get the taste to play all these games in the comfort of their home.

The payments of the players will be given in the same system used in the other leading casinos. The players will get the chance to pay with the help of e Wallet, click2pay and by other credit cards. The players will get all security and safety in depositing and withdrawing of the money from the website account. All these are very safe and secure for the players.

The online games are all safe and easy for the players to play. And they are legal at the same time. They are made easy so that the players can get the chance to play and win in the games.

But the players must go through the details of the games, by understanding the rules and regulations of the game. The players must have all the knowledge about the games and then they must play in them.

The organizations in Philippine is offering the online casino games with the view that it will remain successful in attracting the players more and more in the games.