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Gambling in the Casinos of Tunisia

Gambling is not particularly a favorite among the authorities in Tunisia. Nonetheless, play poker gambling is very much legal in Tunisia and tourist and gamblers find it a very contenting pastime in indulging in gambling games in the various casinos of Tunisia. While there are four casinos in Tunisia, they are widely spread across the terrain of the country. The casinos in Tunisia are largely restricted to the cities of djerba, hammamet and kantaoui. Djerba has the most lavish of all the casinos of Tunisia called the Grand Pacino. Hammamet plays home to two big casinos of Tunisia namely Grand Casino Yasmine and Casino la Medina. The other casino in Tunisia is in Kantaoui and is named Grand Casino Kantaoui located in Sousse.

Nonetheless each of these casinos offer state of the art facilities and bestow great pleasures upon their clientele. Not many are unhappy with any of the casinos that are on offer on the Tunisian gambling scene. The perks and comps are perfectly competent with the global standards. Each casino has over a hundred slot machines and tens of gambling tables that offer a potpourri of gambling games to be played. And in no respect is any casino in Tunisia lagging any bit from any of their global competitors. One of the main attractions of tourists to Tunisia is the casino gambling opportunities.

The only thing that perhaps works to the disadvantage of the Tunisian casinos you may think is the fact that the Tunisian casinos do not provide lodging facilities. But none the less lodging into any hotel near any casino in Tunisia is a matter of minutes. And all the hotels too are perfectly furnished with the entire wherewithal that are in. So if you think that the unavailability of lodging facilities at the casinos of Tunisia is a deterrent then as a gambling fan you would be making a big, fat mistake.