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I want to make myself far more available to my community. Actually, I need to make myself more available to my community. I have an obligation to people who are taking a course of mine to be able to book some time with me for some consultation. Consequently, I need an online casino games solution.

So I spent the entire weekend looking at online gambling tools for booking appointments. I thought that I would find one that I loved. I didn’t.

I looked at the whole whack of solutions. I think I went to 12 solutions in total and I found something wanting in each and every one of them. There was no one single perfect solution. I did finally come up with one that I am happy with, but not thrilled with, if that makes sense, because it turns out that all of these online gambling solution suffer from a little bit je na sais suck. They all have something that bothers me about them but they will do the job if you take some time.

So today, we’re going to take a look at choosing an online gambling scheduling solution on DottoTech. Now I was perhaps a little bit overly harsh because I spent the entire weekend trying to figure out this solution because I thought I would find an online gambling scheduling application that I loved. There are so many tools that I just really like out there that I really like the philosophy and the value, all of those sorts of things and I did not hit on one that was an absolute homerun.

I hit on one that I think is probably the best overall solution in my particular case, but they all left me wanting something more from them. So to kind of create a frame of reference, what do we need in an gambling online scheduling application? First and foremost, we need integration with our calendar. I use Google Calendar. You might use Outlook calendar but it has to integrate because if I create an appointment myself in my calendar, I want to make sure that that’s not available to somebody do double-book my time. That’s number one.

Number two is it would be nice if it was integrated into my website so I could create a form that people could fill in on my website that allows people to book with me without ever leaving my website. That’s number two. Number three is I would like them to be able to not just book an appointment but instead to book just a request for an appointment so that I can verify whether or not I’m available or not. Number four, I’d like it to be a reasonable price. And number five is it has to be, has to be, has to be robust.

It has to work every time and be reliable. So that was where my journey began. Now to give you a little more frame of reference, there were lots of different services out there that I dismissed fairly early on just because of the price. This one here, I love the name Schedulista.

How do you say it? It looks nice. They’ve got a great looking website but $20 a month for a single purpose and they always have less features available in their single user thing. Suddenly $240 a year, it seems to me to be a lot of money to spend for something.

Now if you are a person who is a salesperson or you’re booking dozens and dozens of meetings and it’s all cold calls and all booking meetings, if you live that sort of lifestyle or a business style, then spending more on an application might well be worth it. But I personally only need this occasionally as do I imagine the rest of you is. It’s not something that we use each and every day but it’s something that we use as a convenience from time to time. So consequently, committing to $240 a year or so for a service that is available elsewhere for less money, that seems to be a little bit excessive.

So the three that kind of came down as my finalists were, in no particular order: ScheduleOnce, which I looked at before on this channel. I quite like it. It’s a great product, very busy website, great product.

Number two is TimeTrade Online Gambling Scheduling, probably one of the bigger players in the space. The third one was I just really liked this application. It’s beautiful, simple. It’s called Calendly.

It’s a very nice service that some of my friends use and I’ve tested it in the past, quite like. Each one was missing something. They didn’t quite do everything for me so there was going to be a compromise no matter what. The problem with ScheduleOnce, as far as I was concerned, came down with the pricing. They have integration with almost everything, including InfusionSoft which is nice.

But the InfusionSoft integration came at a very steep price on top of the membership pricing. So we’re looking at kind of the basic service at $5 a month. It’s pretty reasonable. That’s a great price. But most people are going to want the premium at $10 a month.

Then we really look at it, the $20-a-month plan is really what’s required because here’s the thing: for the basic one, you get Google Calendar integration, which is great; you get booking with approval, which is great. That means that when somebody goes to schedule a booking with me, that I can verify it rather than making a straight-up booking. I love that and that’s available in the basic package. So the basic package—I don’t like how their site pops this stuff up—really works well from that perspective. But then they don’t allow automatic booking, Outlook Calendar integration costs extra and down here website integration costs extra. So it doesn’t quite do everything at $5 so we’ve got to go to the $9-a-month and that doesn’t still do the website integration.

So in order to have it on my website and not just have a link that takes them to their website, $20 a month. It’s getting a little bit rich. If they had the website integration or some way of doing it at the $5 a month or even the $10 a month, this one here would probably be the winner as far as I was concerned.